Chammak Chandra Biography: Net Worth, Age, Photos, Instagram, Wiki, Movies, Family

Chammak Chandra, also known as Chandra Naik, is a famous Indian comedian and actor who became immensely famous for his performance in the hit comedy show Jabardast.

Chammak Chandra has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Venkatapur in Gandhari Mandal, Nizamabad District, Chandra’s journey from a small town boy to a famous comedian is truly inspiring.


  • Full name: Chammak Chandra
  • Other name: Chandra Naik
  • Date of birth: Not applicable
  • Age: Not applicable
  • male
  • Place of Birth: Venkatapur Village, Gandhari Mandal, Nizamabad District
  • Indian
  • Occupation: Comedian
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Parents: Father Dhan Sing, Mother Jamuna
  • Siblings: None//A
  • Spouse: Not applicable
  • Children: Son (1)
  • Relationship status: Not applicable
  • Net worth: 3 million USD

Early Life & Education

Chammak Chandra, now in his forties, was born and brought up in the peaceful village of Venkatapur in Gandhari Mandal of Nizamabad District.

Raised in a modest family, Chandra was instilled with strong family values ​​and a deep sense of community.

His father, Dhan Sing, and mother, Jamuna, gave him a nurturing environment that encouraged his talent from an early age.

Chandra completed her education, finishing Grade 7 at Banswada and continuing her studies at Yellareddy NZB for Grades 8, 9 and 10.

Although his post-secondary educational journey remains unknown, Chammak Chandra’s dedication and determination to pursue his passion for comedy and acting became apparent as he embarked on his career. me.

Personal life

About Chammak Chandra’s personal life, there is only very little information. His romantic relationship history, including marital status and past partners, has not been revealed.

Chandra likes to keep her personal life private, mainly focusing on her career and making people laugh with her sense of humor.

However, it is known that he has a son although details about his child are very limited.


Chammak Chandra’s foray into the entertainment industry began with his debut in the Telugu film industry. Director Teja allowed him to showcase his talent in the movie Jai, where he played a supporting role.

Despite receiving a modest remuneration of Rs. 500 for his role, Chandra’s dedication and comedy skills caught the attention of producer Mallemala, opening doors for him in the popular comedy show Jabardast.

His performance alongside actors like Dhanraj and Venu on Jabardast received rave reviews and made him a household name.

Chandra’s impeccable timing, unique style and ability to captivate audiences with wit and humor have cemented his status as one of the television industry’s most loved comedians. .

Net value

With a successful career spanning many years, Chammak Chandra has amassed a significant net worth of around $3 million.

Through his comedy shows, appearances in films, and many other projects, he established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment world, leading to financial success.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle name: Not applicable
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