Enshrouded Building Blocks, Where Can You Build Blocks in Enshrouded?

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Getting Started with the Construction Hammer:

To start building in Enshrouded, players need to obtain a construction hammer made from a piece of stone before obtaining a pickaxe. Access build mode by holding down the crafting hammer in the toolbar and pressing the Tab key.

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Build pattern UI and components:

Once in build mode, the UI will display various building components such as foundations, walls, windows, etc. Components can be selected by scrolling or using the relevant numbers. Alt shows other shapes, while Ctrl allows switching materials. Useful actions such as moving pieces and turning off grid snapping are located in the lower right corner.

Make blocks:

Bricks are crafted on the workbench, with basic blocks made of rough stone and rough wood. Crafting continues to expand as new resources are discovered, enabling the creation of different building blocks.

Place components and scaffolding:

Base creation marks the beginning, and the components come together naturally. Scaffolding is a temporary wooden structure that helps in the construction of taller structures.

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Use separate blocks for customization:

The individual blocks available in the “More Shapes…” menu provide customization options for unique and personalized builds.

Decorate buildings:

Decorations, unlike construction hammers, are crafted at a workbench or obtained from NPCs. These include simple furniture, doors, windows and fences.

Create basement and buildable areas:

A basement is made by using a foundation to hollow out an underground space, creating an enclosed room with walls and ceiling. The buildable area is centered around the Altar of Fire, providing clear boundaries that can be upgraded to increase capacity and rewards.

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Fast travel and altar of fire:

An active flame altar serves as a central point for buildable areas, allowing rapid movement between them. Strengthening the flame can not only increase the activation ability of the altar, but also improve the passing level of the shroud, the residence time of the shroud, and the character attribute bonus.

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Enshrouded’s building mechanics offer players a wide range of creative possibilities, from crafting basic structures to complex custom designs for survival and exploration.

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Where can I build blocks in Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, the centerpiece of crafting and placing blocks is the Altar of Fire. Your buildable area is determined by the perimeter of the Altar of Fire, which is visible when holding the Build Hammer. This boundary, highlighted in orange, limits construction; the structure cannot extend beyond it.

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In order to build a mini-base at a distance, an additional Flame Altar needs to be deployed. Strengthening the flame can not only improve the activation ability of the altar, but also improve the level of the shroud, the residence time of the shroud, and the character attribute bonus.

Interaction with the Fire Altar and the required materials are crucial to expanding the building possibilities in Enshrouded.


Enshrouded is a new video game produced by Keen Games. This is a survival and action role-playing game. You can play the game on your computer from January 24, 2024. But if you don’t have a computer, don’t worry; it will also launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S later in 2024.

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In the game you will find yourself in a difficult world where you need to survive. You must explore, find what you need, and fight dangers. It’s like an adventure where you need to make choices and face challenges.

The game combines elements of survival, action, and role-playing and promises to be an exciting experience. You have to be smart and resourceful to succeed. As the release date approaches, stay tuned for updates to learn more about what Enshrouded has to offer. In this game you can immerse yourself in an exciting world of survival and adventure.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded’s gameplay takes place in Embervale, an open-world survival action RPG for up to 16 players in a third-person perspective. Players can freely explore, build bases and craft equipment in the main world. Summoning non-playable characters in the base will provide new crafting recipes and quests.

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The Shroud is a dangerous area covered in fog that offers valuable loot but is also threatened by hostile monsters. Controlling hunger and thirst affects combat effectiveness, and water and food can enhance endurance and physical fitness. Combat involves a variety of weapons, dodging, and parrying.

Progressing unlocks talents that allow players to specialize in Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. Death retains equipped gear and crafted items, only losing the original resources collected.

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