Enshrouded Skill Tree Builder, Central Skills in Enshrouded


“Enshrouded” is an ambitious open-world RPG developed by Keen Games that attracts players with a diverse gameplay experience that is reminiscent of the success of “Valheim” in early 2021. The game seamlessly blends elements of crafting, base building, exploration, fantasy combat, and skill trees, promising a rich gameplay experience. and an immersive world for players to delve into. Enshrouded, similar to Valheim, is a unique adventure game that blends the role-playing, fighting, and shooter genres.

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Set in an enchanting universe, the game invites players to engage in a variety of activities, from honing combat skills to building bases and exploring vast landscapes. Published by Keen Games, Enshrouded is a highly anticipated game due to its perfect combination of gameplay features and vibrant game world.

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Hidden skill tree generator

Enshrouded’s skill tree provides players with a variety of classes to customize their playstyle. Here’s a simplified guide to the skill tree and career system:

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hidden class

  • Barbarian: Specializes in two-handed melee weapons.
  • Warrior: Suitable for one-handed DPS, adapting to the game style of classic warriors and thieves.
  • Tank: Focus on health and block with a shield and one-handed weapon.
  • Battle Mage: A magic wand caster.
  • Wizard: Provides spell modifiers for fire, frost, and shock spells.
  • Healer: Focuses on healing spells, designed for cooperative play.
  • Assassin: A crit-focused ranged bow with modifiers for stamina and mana regeneration.
  • Ranger: Standard multishot and bow damage improvements.

Explore the skill tree

  • Diverse Paths: Each class section reveals abilities, passive abilities, and damage multipliers related to the weapon type.
  • Class Fusion: Players can mix classes, such as combining a Battle Mage and a Wizard for a pure mage playstyle.
  • Other Archetypes: Archetypes like Athlete, Survival, and Beastmaster are good for solo play and niche roles.
  • Universal Skills: The internal skill tree includes universally beneficial skills such as Full Rest, Relentless Attack, and Sneak Attack.

Hidden core skills

  • Not limited to any particular category.
  • Includes abilities such as stealth attacks, which can cause massive damage to unsuspecting enemies.
  • Features a ruthless attack that deals massive damage to overwhelmed enemies.

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Gain skill points

  • Leveling Up: The primary method of gaining skill points and progressing through the skill tree.
  • Well of Immortality and Shroud Roots: Activities in the Shroud area provide additional skill points, enhancing building capabilities.

This guide covers the essentials of the Enshrouded skill tree and diverse career options. For more build ideas, check out our Shrouded Mage and Ranger builds.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded invites players to embark on an epic adventure in the lost realm of Amberville, a land consumed by a magical plague unleashed by their ancestors. As a survivor, you’ll navigate a vast voxel-based continent, shaping your destiny through survival, crafting, and action-RPG combat. In a world where the Shroud has corrupted and mutated life, you must scavenge for food among the remnants of a fallen kingdom, facing hungry beasts and fighting factions like the Scavengers, Ukka, and the Fallen.

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Heart-pounding action combat requires strategic skills such as dodging, parrying and casting powerful spells. Delve deep into dungeons, forests and caves to uncover secret lore and treasures. The game’s in-depth skill tree system allows players to customize their own unique play style. Voxel-based architecture enables creative construction, engaging NPCs to unlock advanced workshops and craft epic weapons and armor.

Craft legendary gear, including shields, swords, staffs, and bows, to defend yourself against the Shroud’s relentless advance. Join friends in 16-player cooperative play, where everyone contributes unique skills. Explore biomes from Kindlewastes to Revelwood, uncover the mysteries of lost cultures and ancient myths, and reveal captivating stories of magic, destruction, hope, and redemption beneath the ruins of a lost kingdom.

hidden trailer

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