Ever married Lorenzo Gordon?

Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams were in a relationship in the public eye, but was Lorenzo ever Brittish’s husband? Do they share any children together?

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Was Lorenzo Gordon once the husband of basketball star Brittish Williams?

Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams were engaged but never got to “the best days of their lives.” So, no, they were never married so Lorenzo was never her husband.

The couple got engaged in 2014 after many years of dating. However, their relationship ran into trouble and like many people, the reason their relationship failed was due to infidelity.

Soon after, within a year of their engagement, relationship problems arose. After learning Lorenzo cheated on her while traveling abroad, Brittish ended their relationship on his birthday. The couple appears above Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in an effort to strengthen their relationship. But things went south in their relationship.

After 2020, despite all their efforts, they still ended up drifting apart. They haven’t appeared on each other’s social media in over two years.

However, whether it was to vent the pain she felt or the relevance she was looking for, Brittish chose to call out her ex Lorenzo on social media. She spoke up, “Public service announcement, my baby daddy is an idiot, let’s make it clear.” She said even louder: “I’m not talking to you, I’m not bothering you. I changed my number almost two months ago. You can’t even contact me, what are we talking about? You don’t have your damn kid, you don’t take care of him, you don’t send money, you don’t do bad things.”

Brittish went on to say, “Don’t nobody owe you a damn thing, I don’t owe you any fucking money for some damn thing you bought me. Are you dumb? Who even asks for some of the damn thing back?

According to Brittish, the two broke up in March 2016.

The fight revealed details about the unpaid child support, but she shared everything in a confusing way. So it’s still unclear what caused Brittish to go crazy online.

Lorenzo responded to Brittish on his Instagram account quite quickly. He even claimed that she told him again about her current boyfriend’s intention to kill him in front of their daughter. In an effort to maintain harmony, he added that he had not seen their child in five weeks.

However, he admitted that he created Brittish and that without him, she would not have been on “Basketball Wives” and would not have been able to achieve some of her achievements.

After the accusations became public, Lorenzo said, “The only thing I have a problem with is n-gga said he was going to kill me in front of my child and my child repeated that to me.” He then added, “Where do they do that? How can you allow that?”

Lorenzo also threatened to release the pornographic videos that seemingly started this public scandal in the first place.

“Motherf-ck-rs has footage of you eating– and anything can happen,” Lorenzo says. “Scenes are more than just words. Remember. You can say all you want to say, but when people see the footage, don’t say I’m eating you– and all that. They call you potty around this mother-ck-r.”

Do Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams have a daughter?

Yes, Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams share a daughter named Dash Dior Gordon. Dash was born in May 2018. So, by May 2023, she will turn 5 years old.

“You put all your energy into me and my n-gg- but you can’t call to know if your daughter is okay,” Brittish added before accusing her ex of harassing and threatening her.

Lorenzo’s eldest daughter Kalese turns 19 in July 2023.

Lorenzo Gordon’s wife

Before Brittish Williams, Lorenzo Gordon’s other relationship has not been made public.

Lorenzo Gordon Net Worth

According to Wealthy Genius, Lorenzo Gordon’s net worth is over $3.8 million.

American basketball player Lorenzo is famous for his adaptability as a striker. He began his basketball career as a player for the Oklahoma City Stars, University of Illinois and Mineral Area Community College. He is six foot seven (2.01 meters) tall.

When he went abroad to play basketball in countries like Germany, Israel, Türkiye, France and Argentina, his basketball career changed. Playing for Ramat HaSharon in Israel and Argentine team Obras Sanitarias was his most recent assignment.

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  • Where does Lorenzo Gordon come from?

Each Famous birthday, Lorenzo Gordon from St Louis, Missouri. He has played abroad in France, Türkiye, Israel, Germany and several other countries.

  • How old is Lorenzo Gordon?

Lorenzo turns 40 in 2023. He was born on May 16, 1983.

  • Who are Lorenzo Gordon’s parents?

Lorenzo Gordon’s father’s name is Lorenzo Gordon Sr and his mother’s name may be Darlene Harris. His father is no more.

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