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A tactical role-playing game called Fire Emblem Engage is developed by developers Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch series. The “Fire Emblem” game was launched for the first time on January 20, 2023, and opened a new chapter. Critics gave Fire Emblem: Engage largely positive reviews, praising the gameplay improvements, score, and aesthetics, but feeling that the story and social simulation elements were lacking compared to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. What is lacking.

Fire Emblem participating unit level list


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Alear, Diamant, Hortensia, Ivy, Kagetsu, Seadall, Veyle


Anna, Alcrist, Alfred, Chloe, Fogado, Lyndon, Morville, Panet, Zelkov


Celine, Goldmary, Jade, Jean, Lapis, Louis, Merrin, Pandreo, Rosado, Saphir, Timera, Yunaka


Amber, Boucheron, Bunet, Citrinne, Clanne, Etie, Framme, Vander


Fire Emblem Participation Tier List

Fire Emblem S-tier units participate

Of course, Fire Emblem Engage’s best damage-dealing and utility heroes can be found in S-tier. Diamante can use “Rage” and “Perseverance+++” in his unique career successor to transform into a high damage/high survivability unit that can defeat most opponents. The highly mobile units Hortensia and Ivy provide the strongest support and magic damage in most areas of the map. Kagetsu is a unit with high damage, fast speed, excellent growth, and can attack twice with its speed. The most important reserve unit in the game is Seadall, as he allows other units to attack twice. He can even heal with his Curious Dance ability. Ariel and Weller too? It’s a dragon. They also have statistics and skills.

Fire Emblem’s A-tier unit engagements

The A-Tier collection has a theme. Due to their prowess with bows, Fogado and Alcrist are units that can attack from a distance and deal horrific damage. As Calvary Troopers, Alfred, Chloe, and Morville all possess outstanding athletic abilities. Linton and Anna are both capable of considerable movement or range as Mage Knights or as ranged sages via their books. Does Zelkov have it too? There is no need to advance, once you get to the mid-to-late game, the gaps left by Yuzhong will be automatically filled.

B-tier Fire Emblem troops participate

B-tier units often perform better than their more optimized counterparts, while also being more unique. Ivy outperforms Celine and Goldmary by a large number of units, while Jade and Lapis are inferior to Diamant. As much as it hurts me, Merlin doesn’t have the versatility of Sword Master Kagetsu or Cupido Fogdo.

C-tier unit engagements in Fire Emblem

There are a few characters we meet at the beginning of every Fire Emblem game who just help us get through the first few chapters before being permanently left out in the cold. These characters are Clanne, Framme and Etie from Fire Emblem Engage. Unfortunately, they don’t expand as quickly as other units we get later in the game. The rest of the plot is comparable to B-level. Many of them simply cannot keep up with troops with superior attributes. Why choose Citrinne when you have Sage Anna or Lindragon Ivy? Why use Etie when Tireur d’elite Alcryst is available? Panet should also be promoted to Wolf Knight, but as we saw with Merlin, Wolf Knight isn’t always the ideal choice.

Fire Emblem participates in the plot

Gameplay is similar to earlier games in the series, but with the addition of heraldic rings, allowing units to fight alongside lords from earlier Fire Emblem games. Heroes from the series’ past appear in Engagement as spirits called “Badges,” who can be summoned by wearing a Badge Ring. Participate in the continent of Elios. The dragon Ariel wakes up from a thousand-year slumber in order to collect the scattered emblem rings and fight against the fallen dragon Shadow.

Fire Emblem Engagement Released

Initially, the game was previewed at a Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2022. The game will also be available as a “Holy Edition” that comes with an art book, poster, steelbook, and art cards of past heroes that can be summoned with crest rings, such as Marth from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light and Celica from Fire Emblem Gaiden. The story trailer was released on November 16 and contains information about Dark Mars and Ariel’s promise to their late mother. The following week, Nintendo released a trailer for the game, which featured more returning series heroes as well as brand-new characters.

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