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Florence Achado (born November 27) is a highly skilled and versatile Nigerian personality recognized for her expertise in communication.

She excelled as a qualified media professional, entrepreneur and philanthropist, having a significant impact on the Nigerian business sector.

Florence Achado is proud to be the founder and sole owner of Vee69, a famous advertising brand providing diverse advertising services.

Nigerian businessman

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Florence Achado
Born: November 27 (years old?? years old)
Place of birth: Benue, Nigeria
State of origin: Benue State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Kuala Lumpur University of Infrastructure, Coventry University
Height: do not apply
Parents: Asema Achado, Yvonne Achado
Siblings: do not apply
Couple: Not married
Boyfriend • Partner: do not apply
Children: do not apply
Job: businessmen
Net value: $??

Early Life & Education

Florence Achado was born on November 27, grew up in Benue and is from the Tiv tribe. She grew up being raised by her parents.

Her father, Asema Achado, held a prominent position in Nigerian politics and was a member of the House of Representatives. Her mother, Yvonne Achado, is recognized as both a businesswoman and an important presence in Florence’s life.

Starting her educational journey, Florence Achado attended a prestigious private school in Markurdi for her primary education. Then she stepped forward Sacred Love High Schoolan educational institution for girls, where she continued to pursue her studies.

After graduating from school Sacred Love High SchoolFlorence Achado has been admitted Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University (IUKL) and Coventry Universitywhere she graduated with two degrees in Advertising.


Florence Achado’s career is a testament to her outstanding success in the business field. A talented entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, she has had a profound impact on the Nigerian business community.

Florence Achado is the founder and CEO of Vee69, a leading advertising agency in Nigeria offers diverse services to meet different advertising needs. Her view of advertising as a catalyst for social change and progress was honed during her upbringing and she envisioned Vee69 as a foundation to express your ideals.

Vee69 is a specialty agency that operates as a comprehensive powerhouse, providing various advertising solutions. Guided by Florence Achado’s outstanding leadership, the agency seamlessly integrates multiple aspects of advertising, providing a convenient end-to-end solution for businesses to effectively engage their target audience .

In addition to his commercial endeavors, Vee69 reflects Florence Achado’s commitment to promoting social change. The agency leverages its influence to champion meaningful causes, using advertising as a powerful tool to raise awareness and drive significant social progress.

Florence also holds the role of President at Yvonne Achado Foundationn (YAF) in Nigeria, a group dedicated to promoting peace and gender equality.

A major milestone in her career came in 2023 when Florence Achado won the championship The Future is Female Award in South Africa. This achievement not only marks a notable personal victory but also affirms her outstanding leadership abilities, inspiring many.

Besides her business achievements, Florence Achado boasts expertise as a Communications Professional and holds certification as a qualified public professional in Nigeria.”

Personal life

Florence Achado intentionally maintains her personal life outside the purview of media scrutiny, placing primary focus on her career.

Currently, there is no information about her relationship or any children. TheCityCeleb will provide any updates on this matter as they become available.

Social Media

  • LinkedIn: @Florence Achado
  • Instagram @florenceachado
  • Twitter: @Florence Achado

Net value

Currently, Florence Achado’s exact net worth has not been revealed.

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