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RHOA newcomer Shamea Morton has married her husband Gerald Mwangi, a Kenyan businessman. Who is Shamea’s husband, Gerald? What does he do? How old is he?

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RHOA: Meet Gerald Mwangi, Shamea Morton’s Husband

RHOA Shamea Morton is married to her husband Gerald Mwangi. The couple celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in July 2023. A year before that, Shamea celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with a post writing: “It’s been 5 years of MARRIAGE, 60 months of LOVE, 260 weeks of FRIENDSHIP and 1826 days of HUGS & KISSES. I love you Gerald Mwangi! Always have and always will. 🥂 This is the rest of our lives.”

Gerald and Shamea were raised very differently but they had a lot in common. Both lead interesting lives and are motivated by their careers. In addition to hosting her own radio show, Shamea has also dabbled in various entertainment fields, got married, had children, and appeared on Bravo. Shamea and Gerald felt they were ready to settle down after years of pursuing their own careers. They got engaged in 2016 and married in Mwangi’s native Kenya a year later.

However, their love journey began long before their engagement in 2016. One night in 2014, Gerald and Shamea happened to pass each other at Atlanta’s Rose Bar, an unusual occurrence for the era. this increasingly digitalization. She claims that although the introduction was casual, Gerald clearly felt a connection and even invited him out for a barbecue a few days later to convince a mutual friend to invite her.

“We went to his house for a barbecue and we haven’t stopped talking since,” Morton told the Daily Dish. “We had a great time.”

The couple shares two daughters, Shiloh and Shya Mwangi. Shya was born on November 25, 2018. Shiloh was born on Valentine’s Day 2023.

RHOA Shamea was previously married to her first husband King Solomon Smallwood Jr. They reportedly got married in the summer of 2009. Just a few months after their marriage, on November 25, 2009, King Solomon filed for divorce in Dekalb County, Georgia Superior Court.

Based on the multiple motions and objections filed by both parties, a review of the case records suggests that the divorce may have been contentious. As a shrewd banker, Solomon was wise enough to get a prenuptial agreement. Shamea tried to have the prenup contract canceled, but the judge denied her motion.

The marriage was previously dissolved on September 10, 2010, and the final judgment and decree of divorce was entered on September 16, 2010, after what appeared to be a long chain of events. long and lingering. The judge denied the former couple’s request to seal the case.

The work of Gerald Mwangi

Gerald Mwangi is president of Dominion Energy Management, Inc. He applied to East Carolina University, based on his LinkedIn.

Gerald moved to Atlanta after graduating in 1999, and he has been there ever since.

“He and his siblings came to the United States for college. So he was in the United States right before his 18th birthday,” Shamea told Daily Dish, adding. “He said, ‘No, I never want to leave Atlanta.’”

Gerald has put in a lot of effort since arriving in Atlanta to build his reputation and grow his company. He got his first job as a project manager at an HVAC company. Gerald holds a degree in Construction Engineering Management. He eventually rose to the position of vice president.

Gerald, who works with many charity groups, believes it is impossible to measure the value gained from a humble childhood, although he deeply appreciates his roots. He began working at CompUSA as a project manager for the HVAC Mechanical Building Construction Division after receiving his degree in 1999. He eventually rose to the position of vice president.

Gerald was always a natural leader and had an early interest in machinery. After gaining a lot of knowledge, he is now considered an expert in mechanical systems.

Gerald left CompUSA in 2006 and continued working for Platinum Intermedia before joining a mechanical contracting company in 2009, where he currently serves as president. He claims that as a member of InsideIQ, ASHRAE, and the Mechanical Contractors Association, he has access to the largest forums to share his thoughts and concerns about upcoming technologies .

According to LinkedIn, Gerald resigned in 2009 to take the helm of a mechanical contracting company. He serves as president of Dominion Energy Management.

But he likes to exercise and listen to jazz music in his free time. “I play Tennis or Soccer in my spare time,” he says on his website. “To recover after a long day of work, I turned to the world of Jazz music.”

What is Gerald Mwangi’s net worth?

Gerald Mwangi’s estimated net worth could be over $2 million.

Gerald Mwangi’s age

In 2023, Gerald Mwangi turns 49 years old.

Who are Gerald Mwangi’s parents?

It is unclear who Gerald Mwangi’s parents are. Some of his family members are Danson Mwangi, George Mwangi, Thomas Mwangi etc.

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  • Where does Gerald Mwangi come from?

Originally from Nyeri, Kenya, Gerald Mwangi resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When is Gerald Mwangi’s birthday?

Gerald Mwangi’s birthday is in September.

  • Is Gerald Mwangi on Instagram?

No, Gerald Mwangi doesn’t appear to be on Instagram.

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