Get to know John Metchie III’s family: Dad, Mom, Siblings, Wife!

It’s scary when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. However, that’s not the case for John Metchies III’s family. The Houston Texans wide receiver was diagnosed with APL (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) in July 2022, and fortunately, it’s the most curable form of leukemia.

So, who is his family? Let’s find out about John’s father, mother, siblings and wife as this article continues.

Who is the John Metchie III family member?

John Metchie III comes from a family of six — his parents, John Metchie Jr. and Joyce Metchie, himself and three siblings — to whom he credits everything he has achieved today.

Together, the rookie soccer player immigrated to Canada at the age of 6. Together, they fought for better economic and educational opportunities, and thanks largely to his mother’s efforts, they have come a long way.

So, in that sense, John’s family is sure they will overcome this hurdle like they always do. “I am currently receiving excellent medical care, I am in good spirits and I hope to recover at a later date,” the footballer also assured his fans.

However, as a result of this diagnosis, John believes he will likely not play football in the 2022 season. “My main focus will be on my health and recovery. Thank you in advance for your support and well wishes. I can’t wait to come back stronger than ever. God bless,” he added.

On July 23, 2022, the Houston Texans even placed the star on the active/non-football illness list.

Metchie had 96 catches for 1,142 yards and eight touchdowns in the 2021 season at Alabama before, sadly, he then tore his anterior cruciate ligament in the SEC finals in December and was sidelined.

Another reason John’s family was confident in his recovery was because he had given them a heart attack before. When John was 14 and attending Saint James School in Hagerstown, he suffered a severe blow to the chest that left him with significant swelling and an accelerated heart rate.

Fortunately, the swelling went down. But subsequent scans revealed that John had an enlarged heart from the increased training, shattering his NFL dreams.

Meet John Metchie III Dad, John Metchie Jr

John Metchie III doesn’t talk much about his father, John Metchie Jr. However, we do know that he is from Nigeria.

Additionally, it appears that John’s father moved to Taiwan for work and that is where he met Joyce, John’s mother. After having three children, John’s parents moved to Ghana and came to Canada in 2006.

Meet John Metchie III Mother, Joyce Metchie

John Metchie III loves his mother, Joyce Metchie. It was she who signed him up for organized sports including hockey, lacrosse, and soccer.

But athleticism isn’t the only gift John got from his mother. According to the star, he met his mother’s relatives in Taiwan and “it was a surreal experience.” Experiencing Taiwanese culture made John feel “pretty cool” and that’s what set him apart from all his Alabama teammates.

Sadly, John doesn’t remember much about life in Taiwan.

Fun Fact: John’s mother accompanied him to Penn State’s campus in June 2018.

How many siblings does John Metchie III have?

John Metchie III has three siblings. While we don’t know all of their names, we do know about the one he’s closest to—his 4-year-old brother, Royce Metchie.

According to the star, it was Royce who introduced him to football after he showed little interest in playing or watching the matches his mother signed him up for.

His brother, Royce, is also a professional football player. Last we checked, he signed with the CFL club, Calgary. He reportedly spent 3+ seasons with the Calgary Stampeders and earned a starting job at safety in 2019 in his second CFL season.

Royce was also a third-round pick in the 2018 CFL Draft and has become one of the league’s best safeties.

Speaking about his other brothers, John shared, “The relationships I have with my brothers and all my close friends in Brampton and back home mean so much to me. They are the reason why I am who I am. They have helped me through everything, and they have always been there for me unconditionally. Those relationships definitely mean so much to me.”

Besides them, John also has a lovely older cousin named Jessica Osima, a professional nurse. She often comes to watch John’s matches.

Does John Metchie III have a wife or girlfriend?

John Metchie III has not disclosed his relationship status.

For all we know, he may have a wife, girlfriend or even be single.

Do you know: John’s manager is Michael Li, co-founder of Pacific Sports and Entertainment Group.

Related FAQs

  • Where does John Metchie III’s family live?

John’s family lives in Brampton, Ontario in 2022.

  • Is John Metchie III’s family close?

Yes, John’s family is very close. They are often seen cheering at his matches.

  • Are John Metchie III family members on social media?

No, as of July 2022, John does not put his family members on social media. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he is not a social media person.

Last we checked, his IG account @metchieiii with over 132k followers had only 12 posts.

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