Guy Fieri Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Height, Children, Parents

Guy Ramsay Fieri, also known as Guy Fieri, is a famous American businessman, author, and television personality.

He owns and operates multiple restaurants in California and has expanded his brand globally by licensing his name to restaurants in various cities.

Fieri is best known for hosting several popular television series on the Food Network and has won an Emmy Award for his work.


  • Full name: Guy Ramsay Fieri
  • Stage name: Guy Fieri
  • Date of birth: January 22, 1968
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Nationality: United States
  • Occupation: businessman, author and television personality
  • Height: 1.78m
  • Parents: Penelope Ferry, Jim Ferry
  • Siblings: Morgan Fieri
  • Spouse: Lori Fieri
  • Children: Hunter Fieri, Ryder Fieri
  • Relationship: Married
  • Net worth: 70 million USD

Early life and education

Guy Fieri was born on January 22, 1968 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. He was raised by his parents, Penelope Ferry and Jim Ferry, along with his younger brother, Morgan Fieri.

Growing up, he attended American River College and College of the Redwoods before earning a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

He is known for his successful career as a chef, restaurateur, and television personality, with his most popular show being “Dinner, Drive and Diving.


Guy Fieri’s passion for food began at a young age and grew as he worked in various restaurants during his teenage years.

He even saved money from washing dishes to travel to France and study abroad, improving his culinary knowledge.

His early exposure to the food industry sparked his love of cooking, leading him to become a famous chef and television personality.

Guy Fieri is a famous chef, restaurateur and television host. He is best known for his energetic personality and signature blond hair.

However, his rise to fame took time to happen. Fieri worked his way up the restaurant ladder, starting in a management role and eventually becoming a regional manager of an Italian restaurant chain.

In 1996, he opened his first restaurant, Johnny Garlic, in Santa Rosa, California and was successful. This led him to open several other restaurants in the following years, including Tex Wasabi and El Burrito Loco.

Guy Fieri’s rise to fame in the culinary world began with his win on the Food Network reality show “The Next Food Network Star” in 2006.

This opened the door for him to host his show,”The guy’s big bite,” and eventually led to him becoming a household name on the Food Network.

With his signature spiky hair and energetic personality, Fieri has become a beloved figure in the food industry, hosting popular shows such as “Dine, Drive and Dive”, “Boy’s Grocery Game”, “Tournament of Champions” And “Guy’s Farm Kitchen.”

He is also the author of many cookbooks and has opened many successful restaurants.

In addition to his successful career as a chef and television host, Fieri is also a successful author who has published several cookbooks.

He has also ventured into the food industry with his food product line and reached a licensing agreement with Carnival Cruise Line.

Fieri’s entrepreneurial spirit and diverse business portfolio demonstrate his versatility and success in various industries.

Social Media

Guy Fieri doesn’t have social media.

Personal life

Guy Fieri, 56, has a close-knit family and a strong relationship with his wife, Lori Fieri, that is the foundation of his success.

His two sons, Hunter and Ryder, have also followed in his culinary footsteps, with Hunter training to become a chef and Ryder appearing on his father’s shows.

Family values ​​and love of food have always been at the heart of Guy’s personal and professional life, making him a trusted and beloved figure in the food industry.

Net value

Guy Fieri’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and talent in the culinary world.

With a successful Food Network contract, a thriving restaurant business, and many other profitable ventures, he has amassed a fortune worth about $70 million.

His dedication and passion for cooking have brought him financial success and a loyal fan base who love his unique and energetic cooking style.

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