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Horacio Gutierrez, who appeared on The Challenge in season 38, became a cast member for season 39, which premieres on October 25, 2023. How is his girlfriend now? Is he dating Olivia Kaiser?

Here’s what we know about Horacio. So keep scrolling down to read everything we know about him.

Horacio Gutierrez’s girlfriend

Horacio Gutierrez has seemingly confirmed that he is in a relationship with his The Challenge co-star Nurys Mateo. The 38th season of MTV’s popular competition series Ride or Dies, includes the pair currently dating as rookie co-stars, but they are not romantically involved in any episode.

Horacio and Nury’s dating rumors started when Nury shared several videos in which she flirted with a guy, sparking speculation about who she was referring to. She called herself “the luckiest girl” in one video and described how the anonymous man surprised her with a skydiving date. In another video, she showed off an Apple Store bag containing a pair of Airpod Max headphones, hinting that a guy bought her a pair after she said she needed a new one.

After traveling to New York on September 24, the couple showed Horacio her father, brother, grandfather and best friend. The couple is navigating their long-distance relationship. She revealed after 5 days apart: “We’re not used to not seeing each other for so long, so it’s definitely very difficult right now.”

It then appeared that Nurys and Horacio were officially dating outside of the show as they shared similar posts on social media.

Superfan account @thechallenge_news posted a clip on Instagram Story of Nurys kissing an unidentified man off-screen on Saturday night. Although the man’s face is only seen from the side, he is wearing sunglasses and has bangs that extend past his forehead. It’s not clear enough to determine who it is, but it could be Horacio.

Horacio was pictured with his Ride or Dies co-stars at the third slide reunion. Among them were Jay Starrett, Olivia Kaiser and Nurys, who rested her head on Horacio’s shoulder.

Nurys left room for interpretation and speculation when she first posted an Instagram Story with the mystery man. Horacio reposted the Instagram Story video of Nurys’ kiss on his account. He also included an image of two hands forming a heart and the words “Late Life” in cursive in the corner.

Nurys, born on February 13, 1995, turns 28 in 2023. She is a reality star, fitness enthusiast, and C4 Energy Athlete.

Back in 2022, while appearing on The Challenge, Horacio was accused by Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio and Devin Walker of lying about having a girlfriend back home.

However, co-star Olivia Kaiser stepped forward to help him clarify the situation. When the rookie appeared on Derrick Kosinski’s The Challenge Mania podcast, she said she was happy for Horacio because it allowed him to come out of his shell. She also explained that he was casually dating someone instead of having a girlfriend. Olivia claims that he respects both women and that he intends to inform people back home of the situation before pursuing Laurel further.

While many people think he could be Olivia’s lover, it’s not Horacio. They are good friends and he also thanks Olivia, who he believes is a better person.

How old is Horacio Gutierrez?

Horacio Gutierrez is 27 years old at the time of writing this article in October 2023. He was born in 1996.

Who are Horacio Gutierrez’s parents?

Challenges‘s Horacio Gutierrez is the son of S. Janet Apodara and Horacio Gutierrez. His parents raised him in El Paso, Texas.

When Janet turned 44 in May 2021, Horacio wished his mother: “I want to congratulate my mother on her 44th birthday! 🎉 God knows that I am extremely grateful to my mother for supporting everything and giving me this wonderful life. Happy birthday mom, I love you so much ❤️.”

Additionally, not much is known about his family members.

In addition, Horacio also has an older brother named Adal Gutierrez and a younger sister named Kendra. When Kendra celebrated her birthday in February 2022, Adal wished her sister through an IG post writing, “Happy birthday to the only girl in my life! ❤️ God knows how much I love you, I hope you enjoy your beautiful day, you will in a moment see this Kendra 😂❤️.”

Horacio Gutierrez ethnicity

Regarding ethnicity, Horacio Gutierrez is Mexican-American.

Horacio Gutierrez height

According to his athlete profile, Horacio Gutierrez’s height is 1.8 meters (5’11”).

What is Horacio Gutierrez’s net worth?

Although there are no exact figures depicting his net worth, as of 2023, Horacio Gutierrez is worth less than $200 thousand.

Horacio Gutierrez football team

Horacio Gutierrez is a midfielder and has played for many teams over the years. In April 2023, it was reported that Horacio was playing for the San Diego Sockers.

He may be playing for Mississippi Brilla, an amateur American soccer club based in Clinton, Mississippi, United States.

Previously, as a college athlete, Horacio played for the Mississippi College Choctaws. He was a senior midfielder in the Gulf South Conference and had two goals in MC’s 4-0 win over Shorter, including the winning goal.

Horacio also played at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, where he played for two seasons under Head Coach Schellas Hyndman. He played in nine games during his sophomore year, starting five.

Furthermore, Horacio was an award winner for four years under Head Coach Alfredo Estrade at El Dorado High School.

Besides football, he also enjoys bodybuilding and has a quite busy lifestyle. “I kind of live in my car,” Horacio shared with El Paso City Magazine“Over the past few days, I’ve been getting work done including filming, then drove straight here to spend time with my family and tomorrow I’ll be back to start training with my team in San Diego .”

As an influencer, Horacio has also secured a paid partnership with @muscletech_mx.

Furthermore, Horacio also appeared on the cover of The City magazine.

Related FAQs

  • Where does Horacio Gutierrez come from?

Horacio Gutierrez is from El Paso, Texas.

  • What is Horacio Gutierrez’s zodiac sign?

Since Horacio Gutierrez’s birthday is on August 8, his zodiac sign is Leo.

  • Is Horacio Gutierrez on TikTok?

Although Horacio Gutierrez is not on TikTok, you can find him on Instagram (@horaciogutierrezjr).

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