Jasmyn Lawson Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Siblings, Parents

Jasmyn Lawson is a famous American digital media executive known for her contributions to the media industry. With her passion for supporting Black culture, she has made an impact across various platforms.

Currently serving as Director of Original Series at Netflix, Lawson has played a key role in curating diverse and engaging content for the streaming giant.


  • Full name: Jasmyn Lawson
  • Date of birth: 1991
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Female
  • Place of birth: Jackson, Michigan, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Digital media officer
  • Height: 169cm
  • Parents: Not applicable
  • Siblings: Not applicable
  • Relationship status: Not applicable
  • Net worth: 3 million USD

Early Life & Education

Jasmyn Lawson, now 32 years old, was born in 1991 in Jackson, Michigan. She grew up in this city, where she experienced different cultural tapestry that would later inspire her career.

Lawson’s early years were shaped by her passion for theater and film, which led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Spelman College.

During her time at Spelman, she majored in theater and film studies, enhancing her skills and deepening her understanding of the art form.

During her college years, she landed an internship at Cartoon Network. This experience helped her gain valuable insights into the industry and fueled her aspirations.

Personal life

Regarding Jasmyn Lawson’s personal life, information regarding her romantic relationships or family is not publicly available.

She maintains privacy on the matter, focusing mainly on her professional endeavors.


After completing her higher education, Jasmyn Lawson started her professional journey as a page at NBC. This initial foray into the media industry gave her valuable exposure inside a major network.

She then joined Glow, a social media marketing agency, where she honed her skills and expanded her expertise in the digital field.

In 2016, Lawson’s career took an interesting turn when she became a culture person at G. In this role, she created GIFs celebrating black culture and used Twitter to hit price demand for specific content.

Maintaining an active presence on Twitter has become an integral part of Lawson’s job as she recognizes the platform’s influence in driving cultural trends.

Lawson’s caught Netflix’s attention, and in 2018 she was recruited to join their groundbreaking Strong Black Lead initiative.

As the project’s editor and brand director, she oversees social media communications and plays a key role in shaping the platform’s engagement with audiences.

Lawson also produces popular podcasts such as “Powerful black legend” And “Strong black laughter,” demonstrates his exceptional storytelling ability.

Realizing the need for popular black sitcoms from the late 1990s and early 2000s, she lobbied for Netflix to acquire licensing rights to shows like “Sister, sister” And “Moesha.” These acquisitions have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In November 2020, Jasmyn Lawson was once again recognized and promoted to an executive level as Director of Original Series at Netflix.

In this new role, she oversees the development of new comedy shows. She is responsible for projects such as “Never have I” And “Dear White People,” cementing her position as a creative force in the industry.

Net value

Jasmyn Lawson’s dedication and success in the digital media industry has contributed to her estimated net worth of $3 million.

This financial milestone reflects her achievements and promising future in the entertainment industry.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @jasmyn.lawson
  • Twitter name: @JasmynBeKnowing

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