Jennifer Lopez is about to be heartbroken, Ben Affleck’s marriage is falling apart: ‘There’s no way it can last,’ insiders say

Reports are circulating that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be moving towards divorce, with insiders saying she “feels like a fool”.

According to a source familiar with the couple, less than 24 months after their Las Vegas wedding, it was clear that “there was no way it could last.”

A close insider who spoke to In Touch Weekly said: “They reunited 20 years after their initial split, only to see things fall apart again.”

Not long ago, Affleck appeared in public without his wedding ring, sparking speculation that his marriage was in trouble. Despite persistent speculation about a divorce, the actor was later seen wearing his wedding ring again, but skepticism remained widespread.

Insiders commented on the uncertainty in their marital dynamics, saying that neither was able to influence the other. The celebrity duo’s tensions led to Affleck having to move from their lavish $61 million estate to a $100,000 per month temporary residence, conveniently close to his ex-wife. her partner, Jennifer Garner.

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Jennifer Lopez just confirmed her marriage to Ben Affleck, sending an email to fans.

She signed her new name: “With love, ⁰Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck”

– David Mack (@davidmackau) July 17, 2022

Retelling their love story with a surprising twist, Affleck and Lopez shocked fans by reconciling in 2021, nearly two decades after their first engagement ended in 2021. 2004. Quickly advancing their relationship, the couple exchanged vows in July 2022.

The insider added: “During this time, [Affleck] friends and family asked him what he was thinking — and he didn’t have a good answer. It was as if he was under a spell. He made a big mistake and feels like a fool.”

The source also suggests that the “Get Right” singer is embracing her romantic side with unwavering hope.

“She is desperate to save the relationship, not only because she still loves him but also wants to save face from her fourth failed marriage.”

They added: “Their last days and nights together were extremely difficult. She begged Ben for a second chance, but he said no.”

Meeting again, they gathered to witness Affleck’s 15-year-old daughter’s performance of the school play.

“But [Affleck] Avoid showing [Lopez] any real feelings.”

They noted: “He didn’t hold her hand or go out and open the car door for her. He just drove her home and then back to his rental. He couldn’t – or wouldn’t – pretend that everyone everything is fine.”

The Lost Girl However, the actor made one concession during the outing – choosing to wear a wedding ring. However, the source concluded that the gesture was only temporary and added: “And [Lopez] devastated.”

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