Karina ‘KarinaOMG’ Kurzawa Biography: Age, Net Worth, Mother, Date of Birth, Height, Phone Number, Parents, TikTok, Boyfriend

Karina Kurzawa (born March 23, 2007) is a leading social media personality, digital content creator, vlogger, model and YouTuber in Canada. She is also known as KarinaOMG and Karina Calor.

She is a personality famous for her YouTube channel GamerGirl and SIS vs BRO, which she runs with her brother, Ronald Kurzawa. Her brother is famous as RonaldOMG, a YouTuber.

The perfect girl is an online media influencer, ace fan, and Gamer. She currently lives in Canada.

Canadian YouTuber

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GamerGirl: History, Biography, Photos
Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Debbie Shokoya
Stage name: GamerGirl, KarinaOMG, Karina Calor
Born: March 23, 2007 (17 years old)
Place of birth: Canada
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.60 m)
Nationality: Canadian
Boyfriend • Husband: Not published
Job: YouTuber • Vlogger
Net value: 2,000,000 USD – 5,000,000 USD

Early life

Karina ‘KarinaOMG’ Kurzawa was born into the world on March 23, 2007 by Mr. and Mrs. Kurzawa in Canada. She is Canadian and was born into Canadian heritage and culture.

She comes from an upper working class family who are really nice people and have connections to Canada’s top government agencies.

Karina KarinaOMG Kurzawa Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mother, Birthday, HeKarina KarinaOMG Kurzawa Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mother, Birthday, Height, Phone Number, Parents, TikTok, Boyfriend , Phone number, Parents, TikTok, BoyfriendKarina KarinaOMG Kurzawa Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mother, Birthday, HeKarina KarinaOMG Kurzawa Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mother, Birthday, Height, Phone Number, Parents, TikTok, Boyfriend , Phone number, Parents, TikTok, Boyfriend

She is a beautiful young woman with earthy skin that most fans love.

She was nicknamed KarinaOMG by her dear friends. Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa lives with her parents in one of the posh neighborhoods in Canada. She has a younger sister, Aria Kurzawa, and an older brother, Ronald Kurzawa.


From the beginning, Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa checked video records and made sure her mother bought her popular video making equipment.

While focusing on her studies, she decided to pursue a career as a YouTuber. Supported by her beloved brother, Ronald, she opened a YouTube channel, GamerGirl, and began posting videos in which she shared gaming-related content and beauty tips.

Soon, she became an online media star as more people started visiting her channel due to her quality content. By doing so and being extremely consistent with video releases, she has accumulated over 5.7 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel and has also garnered over 622k followers on her Instagram page .

Karina ‘KarinaOMG’ Kurzawa also chose to take up vlogging and started posting videos of her adorable work both on Instagram and YouTube. Things weren’t going well before her video went viral. She began accepting video editing and branding gigs from various clients across Canada and the world.

She has become one of the world’s top brand influencers as various major fashion brands partner with her to promote their products and services.

Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa in her vlogging career runs a YouTube channel, GamerGirl, and along with her brother runs the popular YouTube Channel, SIS vs BRO. This channel has more than 14.3 million subscribers worldwide.

Karina is perhaps most famous as GamerGirl on YouTube. GamerGirl YouTube was launched in 2016 and has since attracted a large following. She mainly posts Roblox and Minecraft recordings to her channel every day. Her record has more than 2.2 billion lifetime views.

This attractive young digital content creator is known for her passion for traveling and learning about the lifestyles of different races and ethnicities.

Some of her recordings, including such as Going to Jail in OBBY! Break the Prison and Rob The Bank OBBY have garnered over 20 million views since posting.

In addition to her gaming channel, Karina also has her own self-titled YouTube channel, where she posts lifestyle video blogs more broadly. She made the switch in 2015 and has since racked up over 54 million lifetime views on her channel. Scores of her videos include treetop walks, putting on her mother’s shoes, and birthday presents, but she no longer posts to the channel on a regular basis.

Karina and her sibling Ronald often work together on YouTube and have become a notable sisterhood. They even have their own channel, SIS vs BRO. The diversion was made in 2016 and has since attracted a large following; The record has more than 6 billion lifetime views to date. The two post-test recordings together, are similar to who can make a great pizza or burger. Karina’s YouTube channel with her siblings Ronald has more than 14 million subscribers.

Awards and appointments

  • Kids’ Choice Award for Most Popular Female Social Network Star
  • Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Gamer

Social Media

Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa has an active online media profile through which she collaborates with her fans.

Her YouTube channel is GamerGirl and she has over 5 million stage supporters.

She has 622k followers on her Instagram account. Her authoritative Instagram handle is @kurzawa_karina.

Personal life

Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa, 17, is the younger sister of YouTuber, Ronald ‘RonaldOMG’ Kurzawa. She is often called KarinaOMG.

She currently lives in Canada in a pleasant apartment. She is still very young and doesn’t have a boyfriend, husband or spouse yet.

She has never highlighted her beauty in a portion of her YouTube videos. She has a good height of 5 ft 1 in (1.60 m).

Net value

Beautiful young YouTuber and Vlogger, Karina ‘GamerGirl’ Kurzawa has an estimated net worth of $2,000,000 – $5,000,000. She is called KarinaOMG.

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