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Karl Pilkington (born 23 September 1972) is a multi-talented personality from the United Kingdom, best known as a presenter, comedian, actor, voice artist, producer and writer.

His most notable collaborations are with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, with whom he has collaborated on projects such as XFM Radio and The Ricky Gervais Show.

In addition, Karl Pilkington also showed his unique personality in the travel series, e.g. Idiots abroad and The groan of life.

British presenter and actor

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Wiki facts and figures
full name: Karl Pilkington
date of birth: September 23, 1972 (51 years old)
place of birth: Manchester, United Kingdom
Country of Citizenship: English, United Kingdom
educate: Mersey School
high: 1.85m
parents: Ellen Pilkington, Dorothy Pilkington
brothers and sisters: Mark Pilkington, Jackie Pilkington
spouse: Susan Whiston (1990–)
Girlfriend • Partner: not applicable
children: not applicable
Profession: Actor • Television personality
net worth: $3 million

Early life and education

Karl Pilkington is a man of many talents, born on 23 September 1972 in Sale, a vibrant city in Greater Manchester, England. He was raised by loving and mentoring parents Alan Pilkington (father) and Dorothy Pilkington (mother).

Growing up, Carl had the good fortune to spend his childhood with his sister, Jackie Pilkington, and his brother, Mark Pilkington.

During his student career, Karl Pilkington Mersey School.


Karl Pilkington began his career as a journalist in the media industry, initially working as a printer of tapes and CDs. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he met Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant at XFM radio. Pilkington was initially hired as their producer and his The Ricky Gervais Show He quickly caught the attention of viewers and was promoted to co-host alongside Gervais and Merchant.

His travel comedy series, Idiots abroadwhich aired from 2010 to 2012, solidified Pilkington’s comedic prowess. Throughout the show, he embarked on an adventure through different countries, immersed in different cultures, and often found himself in hilariously bizarre situations while delivering his signature deadpan commentary.

Following the success Idiots abroadKarl Pilkington continues to explore existential questions and the meaning of life The groan of lifewhich aired from 2013 to 2015.

From 2012 to 2014, Pilkington began to act, making his debut in Ricky Gervais’ comedy series Derekplaying the role of Dougie.

In 2018, Karl Pilkington showed off his comedic talents by co-creating, writing and starring in the sitcom tired on Sky 1. In addition to his television career, Pilkington has also had success as an author, publishing the following books: An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diary of Karl Pilkington, The World of Karl Pilkingtonand Being hit by a jellyfish.

Awards and nominations


  • 2011: Documentary Entertainment Award – Best Host of “Fools Going Abroad”
  • 2012: National Television Award – Favorite Nonfiction Program “Idiots Abroad”
  • 2012: Royal Television Society Award – Best Popular Documentary for “An Idiot Abroad”


  • 2010: BAFTA Award – Best Comedy Programme (Idiots Abroad)
  • 2011: British Comedy Awards – Best Reality Show – Idiots Abroad
  • 2012: Broadcast Press Association Award – Best Multi-Channel Program “Idiots Abroad”
  • 2012: International Emmy Award – Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program “Idiots Abroad”
  • 2014: Rose Award – Entertainment Program “The Groan of Life”

social media

  • Twitter: @KarlPilkingtonHQ
  • Facebook: Karl Pilkington Fans
  • Instagram: @karlpilkington.fan

personal life

Karl Pilkington, 51, and Susan Whiston have been together for more than 30 years and have chosen to live together rather than marry. Susan worked as a producer at the BBC Daily Matchesis a journalist and producer.

Carl met Susan in 1990 while working at Manchester radio station Key 103. The two grew close and Susan eventually moved in with Carl. They remained a devoted couple for many years.

However, Karl Pilkington revealed on Sunday Brunch in 2020 that they had made a conscious decision not to have children. Although Karl had considered the idea, he ultimately couldn’t find a compelling reason to start a family.


TV show

  • Extras (2005–2007) as Ricky Gervais’ assistant Andy Millman
  • Derek (2012–2014) as Kevin
  • Idiot Living Abroad (2010–2012) played himself
  • The Groan of Life (2013–2015) as himself
  • Sick of It (2018–2020) as Carl
  • The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe (2022) as DC Phil Bayley
  • “Rain Dogs” (2023) as Simon


  • Graveyard Junction (2010) as Bruce
  • Ricky Gervais’ Guide to… (2010) as Carl
  • David Brent: Life on the Road (2016) as himself


  • The World of Karl Pilkington (2007)
  • Slapped by a Jellyfish (2008)
  • “Carlology” (2010)
  • An Idiot Abroad (2011)
  • The Moan of Life (2013)
  • More Moaning (2015)

net worth

Karl Pilkington is a multi-talented Englishman who is believed to have a net worth of $3 million. This considerable income is the result of his successful attempts at multiple careers including hosting, comedy, writing, and acting.

Carl has demonstrated his extraordinary abilities and achieved great fame and financial success throughout his successful television, radio and comedy career.

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