Keenan Cahill Net Worth

Keenan Cahill is an American YouTuber and Internet celebrity who has a net worth of $425,000. He became famous in the early 2010s for his viral videos in which he lip-synced to popular songs.

Cahill has since collaborated with various celebrities, including 50 Cent, David Guetta and Ariana Grande, among others. He has been outspoken about his genetic disorder, Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which causes him to have a short appearance.

Keenan Cahill Net Worth (2024)

Net value: 425 thousand USD
Name: Keenan Cahill
Wage: 100 thousand USD
Monthly income: 10 thousand dollars
Year old: 27 years old
Date of birth: March 20, 1995
Sex: male
Height: 4 ft (1.24 m)
Job: YouTuber
Nationality: American

Keenan Cahill’s net worth growth

Net worth in 2024 425 million USD
Net worth in 2023 400 million USD
Net worth in 2022 350 million USD
Net worth in 2021 300 million USD
Net worth 2020 275 million USD


Cahill launched his self-titled YouTube channel in 2010 as a hobby, but after he sang and recorded “Teenage Dream” and was heard by Katy Perry, it was no longer a hobby. His lip-syncing videos have attracted the attention of celebrities like Katy Perry.

The last time he posted on his official account was three weeks ago, right before undergoing open heart surgery. Cahill has more than 722,000 subscribers on the video-sharing platform and more than 20,000 on Instagram. Keenan suffers from epilepsy and has also contributed to such charitable initiatives.

When he turned 16, he gathered a bunch of celebrities, including Katy Perry and DJ Pauly, to make a birthday tribute video. Cahill achieved worldwide fame with the help of his YouTube channel and appearances on MTV and “Chelsea Lately.”

Additionally, Cahill has performed with LMFAO, Justin Bieber, and David Hasselhoff at the American Music Awards and on CW’s “America’s Top Model” with Tyra Banks, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” with Nick Cannon, and ABC’s “American Music Awards.”

He has developed viral marketing campaigns for the New York Knicks, the NBA’s Smartwater (featuring Jennifer Aniston) and Wrigley’s chewing gum, as well as the World Series champion San Francisco Giants (with Serenading Unicorn).

Biography of Keenan Cahill

Real name Keenan Cahill
Nickname Keenan
Year old Age 27 (died December 29, 2022)
Height In feet: 4 feet In meters: 1.24 mIn cm, 124 cm
Weight In kilograms, 30 KgIn Pounds: 66.1387 lbs
Family Father, N/AMMother: Erin O’Brien-CahillSisters: N/ABbrothers, N/A
Girlfriend do not apply
Wife do not apply
children do not apply

“Inspiration exists but it must find you while working.”

– Keenan Cahill

Keenan Cahill Social Media Profile

Personal life

Keenan Cahill was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, on March 20, 1995. First, despite being born with a rare genetic disease called mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS-6), he overcame incredible odds. surprised.

Cahill suffers from Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which makes him look like a short person. Cahill, diagnosed when he was just one year old, underwent a bone marrow transplant in 1997 to slow the progression of the disease.

He also had several surgeries, including one to reduce intracranial pressure. After open-heart surgery on December 15, Cahill passed away on December 29, 2022. Cahill’s fans appreciated his unique and fun lip-syncing videos as well as his positive attitude and determination .

Wealth dependence

Cahill’s fortune mainly comes from his successful YouTube channel and his ability to lip-sync popular songs. Cahill created a stunning video with Julianne Hough to promote the movie “Footloose” in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, which brought him a lot of wealth.

In 2011, he also launched “Just Love Apparel”, his first clothing line, which brought him hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to reports, he earned $10k through his YouTube channel and around $2k from brand endorsements.

outstanding career

  • In 2010, Keenan uploaded his first lip-syncing video to YouTube, where he imitated Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.
  • His lip-syncing videos have attracted the attention of many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry, who have appeared in his videos.
  • In 2011, Keenan appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where he lip-synced the song “Teenage Dream” with Katy Perry.
  • He also appeared on “Good Morning America,” “Chelsea Lately” and “The Today Show.”
  • Keenan has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and his videos have been viewed more than 500 million times.
  • In addition to lip-syncing videos, Keenan has also collaborated with other YouTubers and celebrities, including David Guetta and DJ Pauly D.


Keenan Cahill’s net worth is estimated to be $425 thousand. His YouTube channel has earned him over $300,000 and he is famous for being one of the most subscribed musicians on YouTube with over 10 million views.

Despite health problems and career setbacks, Keenan still inspires fans with his optimistic attitude and love of music. Fans were extremely saddened by Cahill’s sudden passing as they had hoped and prayed for him to recover quickly from heart surgery.

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