Leigh Anne Williams Biography: Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Spouse, Height, Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Movies

Leigh Anne Williams is a South African actress and radio and television broadcaster. She gained most recognition for her show Afternoon Drive Show on Good Hope FM.

She is also known for her work as a broadcaster of Espresso, hosting the famous SABC 3 morning show.


  • Full name: Leigh-Anne Williams
  • Stage name: Leigh-Anne Williams
  • Date of Birth: June 3, 1982
  • Age: 41
  • Birthplace: South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Actress, TV announcer
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Anne
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Spouse: Tony Williams
  • Children: Alex Williams
  • Relationship: Married
  • Net worth: $30 million.

Early life and education

Leigh-Anne Williams is a well-known figure in the South African media industry. She was born in South Africa on June 3, 1982. Although her parents are relatively unknown, they are affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Anne. Anne graduated from the University of the Western Cape.


The most important eight years of Leigh-Anne Williams’ life were spent as a recruiter. Although she was competent in the job, she found herself struggling for fulfillment, which led her to make the difficult decision to leave a stable career behind.

Williams had to endure eight difficult months of uncertainty and hardship, a period of struggle, self-doubt and much soul-searching that ultimately led to her career transformation.

However, that journey into the wilderness ended when she decided to move in an entirely new direction – acting, hosting and the world of entertainment. She charted her own path and plunged into this exciting yet unpredictable industry.

South African media personality Leigh-Anne Williams has had her fair share of ups and downs. She has gained acclaim for her work as a presenter, TV host, and radio personality. However, one experience of hers that has drawn mixed reactions is her alleged association with the Bitcoin Revolution trading board.

Leigh-Anne Williams was rumored to have appeared on a show on South African television station SABC3 about trading Bitcoin Revolution, a globally renowned cryptocurrency trading platform. This was allegedly a low point for Williams as some critics believed it was an unwise move given the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

social media

  • Instagram account: (@leighanne_will)
  • Twitter account: (@LeighAnne_Will)

personal life

Leigh-Anne Williams leaves behind a legacy of love and affection. She is survived by her loving husband, Tony Williams, whose unforgettable love story began on July 1, 1981.

Their son, Alex Williams, graces the family, and he is happily married to Monica Ledbetter.

net worth

Leigh Anne Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

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