Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Shogi Puzzle, Shogi Challenge Match Guide

Like a Dragon: Unlimited Wealth

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” is a video game produced by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. It is the ninth main entry in the Yakuza series, following Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2020) and the spin-off Yakuza Gaiden: The Man Who Erased his Name (2023).

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The game stars Kasuga Ichiban, the protagonist of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist of the original series. The story unfolds in Hawaii, marking the series’ first foray into overseas settings as well as familiar locales in Japan. Kasuga and Kiryu join forces with allies old and new to help reunite Kasuga with her mother in Hawaii while Kiryu battles lung cancer.

Yakuza: Infinite Fortune was released on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S to positive reviews from critics.

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Yakuza Infinite Wealth Shogi Puzzle

Puzzle Shogi 1 Solution

  • Move the golden general from the side to underneath the opponent’s king.

Puzzle Shogi 2 Solution

  • Move the golden general below the opponent’s king.

Puzzle Shogi 3 Solutions

  • Move the knight below the opponent’s silver general.

Puzzle Shogi 4 Solutions

  • Move the Silver General up one space without upgrading it.

Puzzle Shogi 5 Solution

  • Move the right bishop diagonally upward and left four spaces.

Puzzle Shogi 6 Solution

  • Move your Silver General from the side of the lance to the left.
  • Move your bishop 1 square diagonally to the right and raise it.

Puzzle Shogi 7 Solutions

  • Move your rook sideways behind the enemy king.
  • Move your knight below your opponent’s golden general and don’t raise it.

Puzzle Shogi 8 Solution

  • Move the bishop back diagonally to the left and raise it.
  • Move your spear forward one space and raise it.

Shogi 9 Puzzle Solving

  • Move your Silver General one space diagonally to the right, then raise it.
  • Move your Silver General from the side and underneath the opponent’s knight!

Puzzle Shogi 10 Solutions

  • Move your car to the right and lift it.
  • Move your promoted bishop back 1 space diagonally to the right.

Shogi Challenge Tournament Guide

Target the opponent’s space

In Challenge Mode, whenever the enemy seems to have overcome their initial disadvantage, exploit their openings.

Stop the car!

Stop enemy cars from advancing to avoid defeat, this is especially important in Challenge 7 and the final challenge.

Shogi pieces and patterns

Works that can be promoted

  • pawn
  • knight
  • lance
  • car
  • bishop
  • silver general

Works that cannot be promoted

The upgrade occurs 3 rows inside of the opponent

Push the enemy’s three rows of chess pieces to change their movement range and reverse the situation of the battle.

Please pay attention to the red text!

Red markings on shogi pieces aid in identification, and when upgraded they use the first letter of the English piece’s name (except King) followed by a # symbol.

Open Road Shogi Rewards

Redeem shogi points

Earn shogi points from matches or challenges and redeem them for various rewards:

  • Desperado’s Revolver (21,000 points)
  • Iron fragments and blocks for weapon enhancement
  • Shogi Guide Manual
  • Taxi production blueprint
  • “Soul Hacker 2” Original Soundtrack CD
  • Level, mood and courage boosters
  • Job level promotion project
  • Mutant comics professor boosts intelligence

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Increased intelligence

Playing Open Road Shogi can increase Kasuga’s intelligence, help unlock jobs, and increase overall strength.

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” gameplay

In the game “Yakuza: Infinite Fortune”, you can control characters such as Kasuga Ichiban, Kiryu Kazuma and their friends, and explore the Isezaki Ijincho district of Yokohama and the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. The Kamurocho district, made famous by previous Yakuza games, is also a featured location. The game uses a turn-based combat system for all characters, similar to Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Each character can choose from a variety of “jobs,” which are like classes that give them special abilities and playstyles.

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Kiryu’s unique class, “Dragon of Dojima,” allows him to switch between different fighting styles and even temporarily engage in real-time combat like in the previous game. The Poundmates summoning system is back, allowing you to summon various characters from the series, such as Shun Akiyama and Kaoru Sayama.

There are familiar mini-games like karaoke, darts, and mahjong, as well as arcade games like Virtua Fighter 3 TB, Sega Bass Fishing, and SpikeOut. New mini-games in Infinite Wealth include Crazy Delivery, a food delivery game inspired by Sega’s Crazy Taxi; Sujimon Battle, a Pokémon parody game; and Miss Match, Kasuga’s dating app. An important side event is Happy Resort Dondoko Island, where Kasuga manages his resort island, involving tasks such as resource gathering, crafting, and social interaction. Kiryu has a side activity called Bucket List, where he reunites with old friends from previous Like Dragon games.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Fortune plot

Three years after the dissolution of the Tojo Kai and Omi Alliance, former yakuza Kasuga Ichiban works at Hello Work, which aims to help former yakuza find legal jobs. His attempts to propose to Saeko were mildly rejected, leading to a year of silence. In 2023, false rumors about Kasuga forming a criminal gang surfaced, causing him, Namba, and Adachi to lose their jobs. They discover that the Seiryu clan is recruiting former yakuza members and reveal a plan to disband the remaining yakuza clans. Kasuga learns that his mother, Akane, is still alive and heads to Hawaii.

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In Hawaii, Kasuga encounters challenges, including a robbery, and becomes friends with engineer Eiji Mitamura. They discover that Akane’s disappearance is related to the gang’s search for her. Kasuga reunites with Kazuma Kiryu, who reveals that he has cancer. Together they uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful figure, Bryce Fairchild, who seeks out Akane in order to learn about a child named Lani. The story unfolds as battles, alliances and underworld conspiracies are revealed.

As Kasuga’s team works to save Rani, Kiryu faces challenges in Japan. They eventually confront mastermind Bryce and reveal his evil plans. The team of Kasuga and Kiryu disrupts the conspiracy, saves Akane and Rani, and ensures that justice is served. Afterwards, the characters set off on a new path, with Kasuga trying to express her feelings to Saeko. No longer needing to hide, Kiryu reveals his true identity to his family.

By the end of the game, the characters have found a sense of closure, redemption, and movement forward after facing complex crimes and personal challenges.

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Yakuza: Infinite Wealth Overview


Like a Dragon: Unlimited Wealth


Longwo Five Virtues Studio




like a dragon


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S


January 26, 2024


role play


single player

“Like a Dragon: Infinite Fortune” trailer

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