Meet comedian Asif Ali! His Biography, Wife, Parents, Verified

Brand new two-part Netflix special Verified Stand-Up Introducing to viewers 10 stand-up comedians. Among them, taking the stage at Webster Hall, New York City, was comedian Asif Ali. Fans who know him through movies include Palestinians, WandavisionAnd New girl Would love to see him bring his comedic genius Verified Stand-Up stage. Keep reading and we will share more with you; even his family background, married life, and details regarding his net worth.

Comedian Asif Ali on Netflix Verified stand up

Front Verified stand upComedian Asif Ali’s debut is finally allowed to talk about it, he took to his social media to literally scream, “I WILL MAKE A COMEDY POST ON NETFLIX!! If this doesn’t make me famous, I swear to God I’ll do something drastic: like go back to school, get a decent job, get married, and make my family proud. IT’S IN YOUR HANDS!! 😈.”

Already a large audience knows Asif as a handpicked favorite from some of the leading comedy booksellers operating today. From his prominent roles in the US and internationally, to his many outstanding stage roles, BIO on his official website describes him as one of the fastest growing entertainers in the industry. business. This continues to show that global demand has taken him to perform across the UK, Canada, the Middle East and South Africa.

Apart from stage or tour, people also love to see him on ABC’s Modern familyNetflix Arrested developmentand Marvel’s The leader’s henchman.

Last but not the least, Asif is also a member of the famous sketch group, Goatface comedy. Other members are also famous comedians Aristotle Athari, Fahim Anwar and Hasan Minhaj.

What is comedian Asif Ali’s net worth?

Asif Ali is said to have boasted of a net worth of over $250 thousand as of November 2023. At this time, he also continues to be represented worldwide Creative Artists Agencycommonly known as CAA.

Asif started his career as a club-grown comedian and improv artist.

Comedian Asif Ali Age

Comedian Asif Ali was born in 1987. Thus, he will turn 36 years old in 2023.

Who are comedian Asif Ali’s parents?

At the time of writing, not everyone knows Asif’s parents. So far, the only thing we can know is that people named Mohammed Akber Ali and Zaibunnisa U Ali of Phoenix, Arizona are his parents. It turned out that Mohammed was in his 70s and Zaibunnisa was in her 60s.

However, Asif doesn’t hesitate to include his friends in his skits on stage from time to time. For example, he once joked about his parents’ height. He joked that at some point, he too would scale back to the same height.

Asif also happens to have a brother named Amjad Ali, as of 2023, he continues to be in his 30s and lives in Los Angeles, California. The nephew that Asif often mentions on social networks is probably Amjad’s son. One time, Asif went online to talk about his love for his nephew. He said he can’t wait to return to Los Angeles and do “more truly gruesome” face-swap videos with the young man.

And finally, for those who may be wondering, he is in no way related to comedian Aman Ali, who began drawing on religion, family and his upbringing in the Middle Ages. Ohio center in his actions more than a decade ago. He has been performing in a group called “Muslim Funnymentalist” ever since. He is also known to have time and again criticized the stereotype that “Muslims have no sense of humor and are always serious. Everything is life and death. Don’t joke about anything, otherwise we will come and kill you.

Wife of comedian Asif Ali

Unlike his professional life, hardly anyone seems to know anything about Asif’s marital status. As of November 2023, his relationship status is unknown. However, from time to time, he definitely also performs on topics related to dating life and married life. For example, once a few years ago, in the play “How to Know You’re Dating Someone,” he humorously explained that he actually knew he was in a relationship. .

Comedian Asif Ali Height

Comedian Asif Ali is about 5′ 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall.

Related FAQs

  • Where does comedian Asif Ali come from?

Comedian Asif Ali is from Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, he is known to have originated from Eastern India. However, as of 2023, he resides in Los Angeles, California.

  • When is comedian Asif Ali’s birthday?

Comedian Asif Ali’s birthday is on September 13 and that makes him a Virgo.

  • Is comedian Asif Ali on Instagram?

Indeed, Asif Ali can be found on Instagram. As of November 2023, his IG @alicomedy had 236 posts and 126k followers. Besides this, he also has around 5.3 thousand followers on Facebook ‘Asif Ali’ and almost the same number followed him on another Facebook account. Not to be missed, over 13.5k people have subscribed to his YouTube channel to catch a glimpse of his stand-up tours. And of course, he also attracts 273.1k followers on TikTok @asifalicomedy.

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