Meet Love Island Val Bragg’s family: Dad, mum, brothers and sisters!

In the family of Love Island Val Bragg, she has a father, mother and siblings. She entered the Love Island USA villa as the newest beauty and introduced herself as a nutrition consultant. Growing up, she played various sports such as basketball, rugby and soccer.

Learn more about this tattooed beauty’s family in this article.

Who is Love Island family member Val Bragg?

Love Island Valerie “Val” Bragg comes from a large family of perhaps six members. Her family consists of her parents, two brothers, and a sister. However, she is quite private about her family. She has only featured her mother on her IG once. Furthermore, Val and her family are of Puerto Rican-American descent.

Val, 23 years old in 2022, graduated from Olympia High School. After graduating from high school, she attended Valencia College. She has been working at Eden the Lounge since March 24, 2021. She is also a fitness enthusiast and has created her fitness page on IG. But her fitness IG page (@valswellness) is currently private.

In January 2022, Val rose to fame when she was spotted kissing The outer bands star Chase Stokes at a bar in Orlando, Florida. She took one comment and made an entire video around it. Val clarified that they weren’t dating and that nothing serious was going on between the two. She explained, “We weren’t dating. It wasn’t anything serious like that. No, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, he moved on’ or anything like that. I’m pretty sure he’s still going through it, and that’s okay because I’m going through a breakup too.”

Furthermore, Val clarified that the actor is single because he broke up with his girlfriend ‘Madelyn Cline’ a month ago. And they met at a bar and fell in love. The bar was about to close and one of the guys caught them on video kissing.

She said, “I got a lot of hateful comments and direct messages and people calling me a home wrecker and telling me I was the reason why Chase and his ex [Madelyn Cline] broke up, and that’s absolutely not true.” In the three-minute video, she further revealed, “As far as I know, they’re both single. They’ve been single for like a month or so.”

“I guess the lights were on and someone was filming us. We were both pretty drunk,” Val said. “Just two drunk people making out.”

Val ends the video by saying that she wasn’t the first girl Chase kissed after he broke up with Madelyn. She also confirms that she won’t be “the last.”

Meet Love Island Val Bragg Mum

Val Bragg was born to her mother Alicia Cabrera. Alicia graduated from Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Fatima. She appeared on Val’s IG in May 2020. On her IG bio, Alicia stated that she is of Nicaraguan descent.

You can find her on Facebook (@alicia.cabrera.315) and Instagram (@alicab75).

Who is Love Island’s Val Bragg’s father?

Val Bragg’s father is Michael “Mike” Bragg. Based on Facebook comments, Alicia and Mike divorced sometime after 2019. Other than that, not much is known about Mike as of this writing.

Meet Val Bragg’s Love Island siblings

According to Val Bragg’s Facebook, she lists Christopher Bragg and David Bragg as her two siblings (brothers). Both of her brothers currently live in San Jose, California.

Christopher attended Blue Valley School and then attended Latin University of Costa Rica where he earned his BBA. He is currently working as a Business Development Partner at Ladera Del Mar, co-founder of Concretos de Guanacaste, Business Development Partner at Constructora Fairuza and CEO of Maquinaria Telematica.

In July 2022, Christopher just got married to his wife.

Meanwhile, David also attended the Latin University of Costa Rica. He also studied at the Online Trading Academy.

Both of these brothers could be Val’s father’s children, Mike’s previous relationship or marriage.

Val Bragg also has a sister named Michelle. Val and Michelle are the two daughters and only children of Alicia Cabrera. They may be half-sisters.

Related FAQs

  • Where are the members of Love Island Val Bragg’s family from?

What’s more, Love Island Val Bragg’s entire family is from Costa Rica.

  • Where do Love Island Val Bragg family members live?

Most family members currently live in Orlando, Florida or San Jose, California.

  • Are Love Island Val Bragg’s family members on her IG?

As mentioned above, Val Bragg’s mother Alicia has only appeared on her IG once.

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