Meet the couple with team expert Shamyra Howard! the same age as her, husband

Shamyra Howard appears as a sex researcher and relationship expert in The couple came to the group. Who is her husband? How old is she now? Do they share any children?

All the answers will unfold as this article continues.

Meet Shamyra Howard, Couples Expert

Follows four couples from the reality dating series Couples with the Crew as they attempt to bring a third person into their crew. The Peacock show, hosted by Scott Evans, is set at a beautiful, isolated resort in Bermuda and follows couples as they date other singles. Shamyra Howard, LCSW, CST, a sex and relationship expert, was also invited by the program to assist couples in making this adjustment.

Howard is aware of those who are quick to dismiss the series because it challenges monogamy. “Try to look at this with an open mind. Of course, there will be critics, especially those from the community that will be represented in ‘Couple to Throuple’,” Shamyra said.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify ahead of the series launch, she said: “Groups are one of the most difficult non-monogamous or polyamorous dynamics, mainly because it seems like monogamy plus one, but couples are already established and so they have the privilege of that couple.”

“The goal here is to achieve equity in relationships so that all partners are considered equal,” Shamyra explains. A group is harder to maintain than a two-person relationship because “now you have to find a way to divide your time and explore sex with the other person. And it was difficult,” she commented.

Shamyra Howard’s career

Shamyra Howard is an international award-winning sex researcher, social worker and sex therapist. She is also Louisiana’s first black AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.

In addition to being the author and bestselling author of Using Your Mouth for Sex and Relationship Conversation Starters as well as the book Using Your Mouth: Pocket Conversations to Simply Increase the 7 Body Types Confidential in and out of the bedroom, she has won international awards, traveled extensively as an educator, and spoken at conferences.

Shamyra is qualified to work with a variety of clients, including those struggling with depression, anxiety, pregnancy, parenting, peer relationships and being part of a community. LGBTQ+ community. She holds degrees from Southern University and A&M College, Southern University in New Orleans, and Widener University’s Human Sexuality program.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, polyamorous, pansexual, BDSM/Kinky and other identities are welcome to explore areas of personal growth that may or may not be related to sexuality. their sexuality in a safe, accepting and sex-positive way. environment. Shamyra is a clear, engaged, supportive and practical therapist.

Her strategy is to provide you with advice, encouragement and expert support to overcome life’s obstacles. Contact Shamyra if you are looking for the best therapy in Louisiana, provided by the best therapist in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area! Datezie named her one of the Most Influential Dating Experts of 2019.

Additionally, Shamyra has been featured by other media outlets, including Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, The Huffpost, XO Necole, Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, etc.

She founded On The Green Couch, where she assists clients resolve sexual conflicts, build their ideal partnerships, and enjoy great sex. Shamyra is the author of Use Your Mouth and Relationship Starters as well as Use Your Mouth: Pocket-sized Conversations to Simply Increase 7 Types of Intimacy in and Out of the Bedroom, Shamyra is an Amazon bestselling author.

Is Shamyra Howard on Instagram?

Yes, Shamyra Howard has a verified Instagram page (@sexologistshamyra) with 184K followers.

Shamyra Howard Age

As of this writing in February 2024, Shamyra Howard is 39 years old.

Shamyra Howard’s husband

Shamyra Howard is married to husband Jason Blackburn. According to Jason’s Facebook, the couple exchanged wedding vows on June 12, 2010. In June 2013, Jason and Shamyra celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary.

The couple appear to be parents of three boys. However, very little is known about the three people in this article.

As for Jason, he is a coach and founder of Blackburn Express Camp, a community-based youth sports training program for youth of all genders between the ages of 5-17. The purpose of this training camp is to equip students with fun, dynamic sports training and conditioning skills.

Blackburn Express Camp operates in Gonzales/Prairieville Louisiana. The coaching team is comprised of outstanding coaches who share unique coaching expertise. Many Blackburn Express Camp students have been invited to participate in tournaments, All-American games and bowl games around the world. Many of the kids they coach have won national titles while they excel in soccer, track and field, baseball, basketball, karate, cheerleading and other sports.

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  • Where does Shamyra Howard come from?

Shamyra Howard is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • When is Shamyra Howard’s birthday?

Shamyra Howard celebrates her birthday in December.

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