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Momar Sakanoko (born May 27, 1998) is a former professional basketball player and sports management executive with over a decade of experience in the sports industry.

Momar Sakanoko, who started playing basketball professionally in North America, South America and Europe and won many titles along the way.

Retiring at age 19, he founded Be More Company, a sports management company. He is the CEO of the sports organization and has made a name for himself by managing top NBA athletes and European soccer players.

Additionally, Momar Sakanoko is a French-Senegalese businessman and investor.

French basketball player of Senegalese origin

Momar Sakanoko
Momar Sakanoko: History, Biography, Photos
Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Momar Sakanoko
Stage name: Be awesome Mo
Born: May 27, 1998 (26 years old)
Place of birth: Paris, France
Company: Let’s accompany more
Nationality: French, Senegalese
Height: 2.00 m
Parents: Momar Sakanoko, Anna Dioum Sakanoko
Siblings: do not apply
Wife • Spouse: Not married
Girlfriend • Partner: Not published
Children: do not apply
Job: Businessman • Basketball player
Net value: 1.5 million USD

Early life

Momar Sakanoko has dual citizenship of Senegal and France. He was born to Senegalese parents in Paris, France. Baby was born on May 27, 1998.

His parents are Mr. Momar Sakanoko and Mrs. Anna Dioum Sakanoko. He was named after his father. He has an older sister. He spent his childhood years living in a middle-class neighborhood in Paris and was loved by his parents.

Sakanoko’s family worked hard to ensure their children had a good life and no shortage of nice things. Besides providing financial support, they also provide emotional support to their children and encourage them to explore their potential.

This is why they applauded their son’s efforts when he began to show interest in basketball. From the age of 8, Momar Sakanoko started playing basketball and playing with his older sister.

As the years passed, he got better at the sport, and his parents and teachers soon discovered that he was a prodigy. Momar Sakanoko was the unsung king of basketball during his elementary and middle school days, when he led his school team to many victories.


Momar Sakanoko began her education in Paris, attending top public schools from first to eighth grade.

After completing his secondary education, he immigrated to the United States and continued his studies.

He spent his secondary education at Wesley Christian School before graduating from the school with honors.


At the age of fourteen, Momar Sakanoko immigrated to the United States and resided in the state of Kentucky.

He enrolled at Wesley Christian School, Allen, Kentucky and joined the institute’s basketball team. Momar Sakanoko was an active player on Wesley’s Basketball Team from his freshman to senior year of high school. He was one of the team’s top players, helping them win hundreds of games and championships.

His basketball prowess was not limited to Kentucky, but the entire country knew of his talent. He was named one of the top high school basketball players and was ranked No. 84 on the ESPN Top 100.

In his senior year, Momar Sakanoko started receiving admission offers and scholarships from different colleges in the country. Notable are Boston College, Miami University, Creighton, USC and Florida State University.

However, he turned down a college degree and the opportunity to play for a college team and decided to turn professional. He signed up with an Austrian team and returned to Europe to begin his professional basketball career.

After a successful stint in the Austrian Basketball League, where he won many titles, Momar Sakanoko moved the club to Brno Basket. The latter club is based in the Czech Republic. He appeared in many matches for the Central European side, helping the team achieve good results in every competition.

Having achieved important milestones at Brno Basket, Momar Sakanoko set new goals for his career, leading him to move to South America. He started playing for Bahia Basket, a club in Argentina. It was in Bahia that he decided to give up professional basketball. Momar Sakanoko’s decision was made too early in the eyes of many sports experts. That’s because he’s still young.

Momar Sakanoko decided to start a sports management company after retiring from professional basketball. This led to the birth of Be Great Company. Moreover, he also became the youngest NBA and FIFA agent.

Since its inception, Be Great Company has achieved many victories under the leadership of Momar Sakanoko. The latter is considered one of the leading sports executives in the world. He has clients in the Basketball and Soccer industries who play in the NBA and European Soccer leagues.


  • La Liga national champion

Social Media

Thanks to his success as a professional athlete and sports executive, Momar Sakanoko has attracted a large following on social media.

He has thousands of fans and admirers who actively engage with his content on social media channels.

He has more than 18.7k followers on Instagram.

  • Instagram handle: @momarsakanoko
  • Facebook name: @momarsakanokofficial
  • Twitter name: @momarsakanoko

Personal life

The 6 feet 7 inches tall athlete Momar Sakanoko is 26 years old. His dark skin helps accentuate his handsome appearance.

He divides his time between Europe and North America due to work. He owns apartments in high-end residential areas in Paris and the United States. His garage is filled with exotic cars.

Besides sports, Momar Sakanoko is also a successful investor. This former basketball player has invested in several highly profitable projects. The most famous is the French luxury group, Maison Vandale. He is one of the brand’s active investors.

Currently he is in a serious relationship with a beautiful young girl. Being a very private person, Momar Sakanoko has chosen to keep his lover’s identity a secret and is waiting for the right time to let the world know about her.

Net value

As a former professional basketball player and sports agent, Momar Sakanoko has amassed a fortune in the sports industry.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

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