MS Rachel Net Worth 2024: Age, Income and Assets on YouTube

American YouTuber, MS Rachel’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million as of 2024. These earnings are based on various sources such as her YouTube channel earnings, content deals grants and potential investments. Ms. Rachel is a very famous YouTuber in America who has achieved amazing achievements in her career so far. She started her youtube channel in 2019 and to date, she has gained over 7.89 million subscribers, which is simply incredible.

She achieved this feat quickly, which makes her special. Rachel also has many other business ventures and she has made a large amount of money from all of them. She has over 4 billion views on her YouTube channel, which has helped her gain a huge fortune. Currently, her estimated net worth is $12 million. Also, check out Angelina Jolie’s Net Worth.

MS Rachel Net Worth

Name Miss Rachel
Net worth (2024) 12 million USD
Job American YouTuber
Monthly income 70,000 USD+
Annual income 1 million USD+
Channel Ms Rachel – Learning videos for toddlers
Number of years in operation 2019–present
Category Children’s music education
Latest updates 2024

MS Rachel Net Worth

Property MS Rachel

Home – Ms. Rachel is an American personality who has made outstanding achievements in her career. She has gained some serious acclaim for her very exceptional content. She is an educator and an accomplished musician. Currently, she lives in New York City, where she owns a very beautiful house.

Car Collection – Ms. Rachel has very few cars in her collection and she hardly shares any details about her assets. She owns a very nice Mercedes and a Range Rover.

MS Rachel Net Worth Growth

Year Net worth (Million)
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2024 12 million USD
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2023 11 million USD
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2022 10 million USD
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2021 9 million USD
MS Rachel Net Worth in 2022 8 million USD
Miss Rachel net worth 2019 7 million USD

Biography of MS Rachel

Rachel Griffin, who is known to the world by her stage name Rachel Griffin-Accurso or Miss Rachel, is a very famous and successful Personality in America. She was born in Biddeford, Maine, United States, on November 30, 1982. She grew up in Maine, where she lived with her parents. She moved to Sanford shortly after her birth and there she attended Sanford High School.

She started working in theater at a very young age and soon she was doing very well. After completing her studies, she transferred to the University of Southern Maine, where she also participated in acting and drama. She then went to New York City, where she started her YouTube channel. She also earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in New York City. Currently, she is pursuing a second master’s degree related to early childhood education.

Regarding her personal life, she is currently married to Aron Accurso, a very famous name. He was working as a musical director and composer on Broadway, and they were complimenting each other’s work very well. She also started her YouTube channel with the help of her husband and then they did some amazing things. She also has a son, who motivated her to start her own YouTube channel on that topic.

MS Rachel: Career and awards

Miss Rachel is a very famous name in America. She is a YouTuber who started her YouTube channel in 2019. She started her YouTube channel with her husband and she chose the name Ms. Rachel, this name has become her identity. She started her channel to take care of her stepson, who was suffering from speech problems and he didn’t say a word until he was two years old.

She decided to create something that would improve her Toddler’s speaking skills just by watching. She created a series on her channel called Nursery Rhymes, which includes children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and her own songs and music because she is also a musician. This channel gained popularity in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. After her success on YouTube, she also became famous on TikTok, where she gained over 2 million followers by 2023.

To date, she has 6.95 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 2.5 million followers on TikTok. She runs a huge team and they all work very hard to improve the content and its quality. Their parents really put their trust in her and she really lived up to expectations. She healed her son and supported many other toddlers. She also has a silver button and a gold YouTube button. Must check Erin Moriarty’s net worth.

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Miss Rachel went to school early at Sanford High School. She then transferred to the University of Southern Maine, where she also studied theater for a time and completed her bachelor’s degree. However, she soon transferred to New York University, where she earned a master’s degree in music education. She is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in early childhood education.


  • Ms. Rachel was born on November 30, 1982 in Biddeford, Maine, USA
  • Miss Rachel’s height is 5 ft 2 in (1.57m)
  • Miss Rachel’s weight is 55 kg / 121 lbs
  • Occupation: American YouTuber
  • Ms. Rachel’s annual income is $0.8 million+
  • Ms. Rachel’s net worth is $12 million as of 2024


Ms. Rachel is an extraordinary American woman who has made outstanding achievements in her career. She is a very famous celebrity who is a YouTuber and has been the most successful YouTuber in America for the past few years. She has millions of subscribers on her channel and she also has millions of followers on her social media profiles. Currently, she is respected and acknowledged by everyone.

Frequently asked questions

What is MS Rachel’s net worth?

MS Rachel’s total net worth is around $12 million as of 2024.

What is MS Rachel’s salary?

MS Rachel earns an estimated salary of $0.8 million per year.

How much is MS Rachel’s monthly income?

MS Rachel per month Salary is 70,000 USD.

How old is Rachel?

Currently, Ms. Rachel is 41 years old (November 30, 1982).

What is Miss Rachel’s height?

Miss Rachel’s height is 1.77 M.

What is the name of Miss Rachel’s husband?

Ms. Rachel has been married to Cynthia Kereluk since 2007.

How many children does Rachel have?

Ms. Rachel still doesn’t have children.


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