Rick & Morty: 9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Morty

Rick and Morty Season 6 is in full swing, with new, absolutely wild episodes airing every week since September and returning from hiatus in November. As Adult Swim continues to tease Nonsensical commercials and completely out-of-context commercials to constantly heighten the show’s hype, many remember taking it upon themselves to reflect on some of the show’s characters.

As a main character, Morty has undergone some of the most changes and biggest arcs throughout its many seasons on the air to date. But at his core, he will always be a teenager who is constantly thrown into crazy impossible situations in his head.

Rick is the most dangerous and Rick is the most dangerous

The ideas of “Rickest Rick” and “Mortyest Morty” were concepts introduced by Rick himself earlier in the series, asserting that a single version of himself was more capable of being “himself” than any other. which version of the other dimension, and thus the same thing happens to Morty. This concept applied, this Twitter user claims in this meme that the existence of Rickest Rick and Mortyest Morty implies the simultaneous existence of “Rickest Morty” and “Rick Mortyest”.

Alignment chart memes are designed so that the extremes of the categories are shown and everything else can fit somewhere within the guidelines. So while this meme may be as old as season 3, the recent developments and newly introduced Ricks and Mortys could perfectly fit this chart in their own respective spaces. However, worldwide and almost certainly after Prime Rick’s actual introduction, the general agreement seems to be that Morty C-137, our Morty, is certainly the Mortyest Morty of them all.

The brain won’t let go

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that Morty won’t be sleeping right after days to months of going on adventures at Rick’s request. Even though Rick is known for wiping some of the most traumatic moments from Morty’s mind, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still enough present to keep him from getting a good night’s sleep.

Another very relatable meme, the memories make people everywhere from excited and hurt to confused and cringe. Whatever it is, this meme uses what is quickly becoming a classic meme format to tell a joke that certainly applies to Morty as well.


Over the past two seasons, Morty has been shown to stop caring about his place in the world and the things that should affect him. While this meme is primarily aimed at those who are suffering similarly, Morty is always in a difficult situation as hard times keep coming.

All of Rick’s turmoil causing him to become desensitized to the world is probably just the icing on an already twisted cake, but from burying his own body multiple times to the episode “Vat of Acid ”, Morty certainly saw more than usual. 14 year old boy.

Morty will do anything to avoid emotional discussions

While Rick was never one to talk things out early on in the show, in later seasons he has been known to get drunk or sober, trying to subdue Morty’s worries about their ridiculous activities by trying to talk to him about them. Occasionally, however, Morty’s common sense will prevail.

The idea that Morty would sprint in the other direction as soon as Rick tries to explain himself is both very funny and very accurate, given how much Morty has grown in recent episodes and his constant desire to stay out of the way. Rick’s developments. That being said, neither of them has ever been good at talking about “emotions,” so it’s safe to say that they’d both run away as soon as the word came up.

Morty fights an existential crisis

Seen a lot Rick and Morty seems to be dealing with the deteriorating mental health of every character on the show, so it’s not surprising how many related memes have emerged to address it.

Addressing the depressive symptoms that isolation can cause, this meme essentially evokes thoughts of productivity and existential dread – another of Morty’s clear constant internal monologues , something that was definitely passed down from his grandfather’s outlook on life.

Difficulties can quickly add up

This popular meme format is well-suited to conveying a variety of mental states, but there seems to be general consensus that mental breakdowns are at the core of Rick and MortyThat’s what the fan community took to heart in their memes.

The concept that even the smallest mistake in someone’s day is enough to make them feel uncomfortable is a very Morty sentiment indeed, and one that is conveyed perfectly through this meme. It’s understandable that, after all Morty has been through, the little things can quickly add up.

It’s important to enjoy the little things

Another official account gem, this series of three memes uses the tag “#MondayMotivation” as an ironic device to imbue classicism Rick and Morty Existential fear enters the viewer. The first of the three memes is a quote from Morty that basically sums it up as “nothing in this world matters, get over it and live your life.”

The quote intended to help Summer get over the fact that Rick keeps abandoning them and that Morty isn’t technically her real brother seems to be something Morty continues to live by after the initial shock of burying Bury your own body, so to speak. To give a little insight into who he was would certainly be an understatement.

Start from the bottom

Rick and Mortyorigin of as one very loose Back to the future The parody sketch is a concept that has long since been forgotten as the show has taken on so many absurd, extremely meta elements and a completely original life of its own. However, as is the case with any show, seeing the early sketches of the show’s origins and comparing it to what it has become is still something incredible to witness.

Morty’s personality, both in appearance and personality, has developed quite a bit. And although for a long time the creators have emphasized the episodic nature to avoid arcs and consistent development, it is impossible to resist the changes that Morty has undergone since several iterations again and it’s almost inspiring to see how far the program has come. all have arrived.

Morty cannot live a normal life

Since the show has changed a lot since season one, so have the characters. Morty’s former desire to go to school and live a “normal” life seems to be just a long-abandoned dream. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t take Rick a long time to get him into it.

This Tumblr meme is a pretty good representation of Morty’s initial reluctance to join Rick’s adventures. Although the audience now has a better understanding of why Rick wants to attract Morty’s attention and engage him in what he perceives as “fun,” that doesn’t make the interactions worse. The original work is less funny upon rewatching.

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