Riley Keough struggles to present Lisa Marie Presley’s autobiography, save family legacy: ‘It was a Herculean effort’

Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, faces challenges from her family’s past and legal troubles as she remembers her mother.

In preparation for Lisa Marie Presley’s upcoming autobiography on October 15, the 35-year-old actress rummaged through her mother’s archives, sifting through tapes and old notebooks.

A special event may take place at Graceland, the famous estate where Riley’s mother, grandfather and brother Benjamin are laid to rest, as a tribute to her family.

According to an insider close to the project who spoke to Page Six, Keough put in “hundreds of hours” of research [Lisa Marie’s] thoughts and dreams” in the creative process.

The source shared that Daisy Jones and Six star aims to accurately and empathetically present his upcoming autobiography, which is currently untitled.

Describing the experience as like “living with a ghost”, the insider sheds light on how dedicated the actress captured the essence of the story.

Keough is a multi-talented individual, taking on the roles of actress, producer and mother, as sources describe, and they highlight her challenges in translating her mother’s thoughts into a book, emphasizing the enormous task.

They told the outlet: “Not only does she have to listen to her mother’s thoughts, but she also has to decide how to encapsulate that into this book… It’s a Herculean effort. She’s going to have a lot of input on how people perceive Lisa’s legacy.” forever. How difficult it is.”

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Amid it all, Keough also became entangled in complicated family legal issues. Recently, there were plans to auction off Graceland after her late mother defaulted on a significant loan. Keough, the sole heir to the estate, took legal action to protect the assets, citing concerns about being the victim of a confiscation scheme.

To maintain a positive relationship with his grandmother Priscilla Presley, Keough also resolved a dispute regarding the authenticity and validity of Lisa Marie’s will. Priscilla raised concerns about legal documents after her daughter’s death.

To resolve the matter, Keough agreed to pay his grandmother $1 million and cover $400,000 in legal fees. This arrangement ensured that Keough would be the sole owner of the property going forward.

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