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Schabir Shaik (born 1957) is a famous businessman from South Africa. He has attracted considerable attention due to his close relationship with the country’s vice president, Jacob Zuma.

The duo’s close relationship has been discussed and scrutinized by the public as well as the media, with much speculation as to the nature of their connection and its potential effects on the political scene. the country’s political landscape.

Despite facing many controversies and legal issues over the years, Schabir Shaik has maintained a high profile in South African society, largely thanks to his relationship with Jacob Zuma.

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Schabir Shaik
Born: 1957 (67 years old)
Place of birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality: South Africa
Education: Durban University of Technology
Height: 1.61 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Shaik
Siblings: Yunus Shaik, Moe Shaik, Chippy Shaik, Salim Shaik, Faisal Shaik
Couple: Zuleika Shaik
Girlfriend • Partner: do not apply
Children: Yasir Shaik
Job: Businessmen
Net value: 1 million USD (USD)

Early Life & Education

Schabir Shaik, a famous public figure, was born in Johannesburg in 1957. He spent his early years in Greenwood Park, Durban, in the former province of Natal. His father, of South African Indian descent, originated from Pietermaritzburg in Natal, while his mother unfortunately passed away when he was young.

Shaik belongs to a large family with six brothers and one sister; among them, Salim Shaik and Faisal Shaik are his two older brothers, while Yunus Shaik, Moe Shaik and Chippy Shaik are his younger brothers.

After completing his primary education, Schabir Shaik enrolled at the school ML Sultan Technikonis now called Durban University of Technology, where he pursued a degree in electrical engineering. His educational journey encountered a setback when he was discovered to have cheated in the T5 High Voltage Engineering exam in 1990. This incident resulted in a one-year expulsion from the school, but Schabir was later allowed to return and complete his studies. into your curriculum.


Schabir Shaik started his entrepreneurial journey in the 1990s by founding Nkobi Group, whose company name pays homage to the ANC’s late treasurer, Thomas Nkobi. Although Shaik initially held sole ownership, the company’s ownership percentage has changed over time. Regardless, he effectively controlled all corporate entities within Nkobi group and held director positions until 2005, when he faced corruption charges and was indicted.

Over the years, Schabir Shaik developed a close personal friendship with Jacob Zuma, an ANC stalwart and later vice president of South Africa. The relationship between Shaik and Zuma strengthened, with Shaik reportedly becoming Zuma’s financial advisor in 2002. Their association has its roots in their shared history as members of ANC in the 1980s.

In May 2002, Schabir Shaik faced legal trouble for possessing secret minutes from President Thabo Mbeki’s cabinet. The relationship between Shaik and Zuma came under scrutiny, revealing that Shaik had been providing financial support to Zuma since his return from political exile in Mozambique in 1990. At the time, Zuma had was elected Chairman of the African National Party and Shaik supported him financially. through interest-free loans with no repayment period.

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Personal life

Schabir Shaik, a South African businessman, is married to Zuleika Shaik and together they have a son named Yasir Shaik, who has also become successful as a businessman. The family calls Durban, South Africa their home, where Yasir resides with his parents.

Although many details about his family situation are not revealed, Schabir Shaik’s prosperous career and family unity reflect his commitment and diligent efforts. Schabir Shaik is still alive.

Net value

Schabir Shaik’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Shaik is a former businessman and convicted fraudster who spent 25 months in prison for his role in a corruption scandal involving former South African president Jacob Zuma. Shaik’s wealth largely came from his business dealings with Zuma, and he is said to have lost much of his fortune after his conviction.

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