Southern Hospitality Trevor Stokes Parents: Peter and Patti Stokes

Peter Stokes and Patti Stokes are the parents of Southern Hospitality’s Maddi Reese’s boyfriend, Trevor Stokes, and season 2 sees them explore their relationship. What do his people do? How old are they? Do they have any other children together?

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Southern Hospitality: Who are Trevor Stokes’ parents?

Southern HotelTrevor Stokes, Maddi Reese’s boyfriend, was born to his parents Peter Stokes and Patti Stokes. They welcomed him in 1997, which made him 26 years old.

IN Southern Hotel, he was romantically involved with Maddi but he was accused of cheating on her. However, Maddi chose to ignore the incident and they are said to be back together. But now the relationship has taken a bigger step.

“Moving in together, it was a big step,” Joe told Bravo. “They were together for a while, then he cheated on her and they broke up, then got back together. I just think it’s a big step forward.” He elaborated, “Honestly, I’m worried about her and Trevor.”

“I want the best for her, and I don’t think moving in with him would be the best decision,” Joe added, “And it’s not because I’m jealous or anything.”

Trevor says he didn’t cheat on Maddi. In the Season 2 trailer, Trevor and Maddi get caught up in a conversation regarding persistent accusations that Trevor cheated. Trevor strongly denies any guilt, which increases tensions and leads to violent conflict between the two.

Maddi calls Trevor a “liar” after cheating on her again. Maddi bluntly confronts Trevor about whether he cheated on her in a heated argument. Trevor countered that it was simply texting and no physical interaction. Unimpressed, Maddi calls him a liar. She states in her confessional that women are not naturally crazy and that women can feel that way because of men and their behavior.

This makes their relationship more emotionally complicated and prepares the audience for the drama that follows later in the story.

“I’m someone who understands my feelings, but I’m willing to let everything out and give this a chance because I care about [Tervor] and relationships,” she said. “And you’ll have to see what happens, but in the end I’m glad I gave it my all because that’s the type of person I am.”

Maddi and co-star Joe Bradley have feelings for each other but still choose to be friends. “Joe and I are still really close,” she said, emphasizing that their friendship has remained strong over time and describing their relationship as that of a “working couple.”

Meet Peter Stokes, Father of Southern Hotel Trevor Stokes

Southern HotelTrevor Stokes’s father is Peter Stokes. In June 2023, Peter turns 67 years old.

Peter is the owner and investment manager at Midas Market Management. Since 2009, he has also been an educator for the World Affairs Council.

Peter began his career as a VP Portfolio Consultant at Merrill Lynch in 1981. After 12 years at the firm, he began working at The Shipley School as a teacher. history member.

In 2008, Peter was working at Squash Smarts as the Squash and Fitness Manager. In 2012, he also worked at the Washington Memorial Chapel as Historian at the Washington Memorial Chapel.

While in college, Peter played lacrosse at Connecticut College.

Peter graduated in Secondary Education and Teaching with a master’s degree in Secondary Education and Economics and a bachelor’s degree in European History from the University of Connecticut.

Meet Patti Stokes, Mother of Southern Hotel Trevor Stokes

Trevor Stokes’ mother’s name is Patti Stokes. Patti turns 66 in January 2023.

There are no details about Patti’s career in the public record.

Related FAQs

  • How many children do Trevor Stokes’s parents have?

In addition to Trevor, Patti and Peter Stokes also have two children, a son named Spencer Stokes and a daughter named Jessica Stokes. Spencer was born on September 26, 1993 and he is 30 years old.

Spencer completed high school at Shipley School. He was the baseball team captain, MVP and Most Improved Player. He graduated from Bucknell University.

Spencer is working as a transaction manager at PwC.

Their daughter Jessica Stokes is a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Fun fact: Trevor’s cousin, Jimmy Stokes, was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 2012.

  • Are Trevor Stokes’ Parents Still Married?

The current marital status of Trevor Stokes’ parents is unclear.

  • Where do Trevor Stokes’ parents reside?

Trevor Stokes’s parents live in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

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