Steve Brooks (Dad), Lisa Brooks (Mother)

Suede Brooks was recently spotted with rapper Drake. She has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager. But here are a few things you need to know about her family; mainly her parents.

In this article, we will cover their age, occupation, and net worth.

Who Are YouTuber Suede Brooks’ Parents?

YouTuber Suede Brooks was born to Steven Brooks and Lisa Brooks (Shriver). They gave birth to her on February 8, 2001. At the age of 14, Suede is 5 feet 11 inches tall. You should know that both her parents are 6 feet tall.

Suede has two older siblings. Her brother, Blaze Brooks, is an artist who turned 26 in April 2022. He is the owner of Great sex gym. He is a freelance graphic designer who has built his brand through years of professional design experience, with support from fellow artists and collaborators. This concept has translated into producing graphic-based merchandise, art prints, and collaborative projects with friends.

Her sister, India Rae Brooks, is 24. She celebrated her birthday on February 17,

Meet Suede Brooks’ Dad, Steve Brooks

Steven Jay Brooks is Suede Brooks’ dad. He loves all of his kids and enjoys a lot of outdoor activities with them. In November 2015, he stated in an IG post that teaching each of his kids to surf was a personal highlight of his life.

In 2016, when Suede first appeared on a magazine cover, Steve proudly shared it on his IG with the caption: “My daughter’s first magazine cover. #suedebrooks is 15. Big things to come! #proudpapa”.

Steve has shared a few photos of his family. His mother is often featured on his IG. His mother turned 83 in July 2022.

Steve has four siblings, three sisters; Sheila Green, Lynnai Zavala and Janelle Cormack Hartt, and one brother named Rob Cormack.

  • Is Steve Brooks dead or alive?

No, Steve Brooks is no longer alive. He passed away in July 2021.

Steve J Brooks was born in May 1960. He is 62 years old in May 2022.

According to Steve Brooks’ LinkedIn bio, he is a beauty industry leader and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the salon, distributor, and manufacturer industries. He began his career as a Sales Director at RUSK Inc. in 1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1993, Steve joined West Coast Beauty Supply/Empress Beauty Supply as a District Manager. He served in that position for the company for only 2 years. In 1995, Steve founded DIVA Studios Salons and began serving as CEO and President. He also served as Vice President of Sales at Profound Beauty from May 2004 to October 2006.

His work in the beauty industry also afforded him the opportunity to work as an extension educator, trainer, keynote speaker, and presenter.

Steve completed his high school diploma at El Camino Real High School in 1978. He studied business administration at California Lutheran University until 1981. Additionally, from 1982 to 1985, he studied Business Administration, Marketing at San Diego State University.

In 2019, Steven also received a certificate of certification from Universal Life Church Ministries. He was ordained as a pastor on July 11, 2019.

Meet Suede Brooks’ mother, Lisa Brooks

Suede Brooks is also very close to her mother Lisa Rae Brooks (née Shriver). On Mother’s Day 2015, Suede posted on her IG, “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever.”

They also do TikTok together.

  • Is Lisa Brooks alive?

Of course, Lisa Brooks is still alive.

February 1961 is the month and year Lisa Brooks was born. As of July 2022, she is 61 years old.

Lisa previously worked with her ex-husband Steven Brooks. Together, they ran Diva Studio. She previously served as president of Diva Studio, Ltd. Lisa and Steve were named one of the top 20 salon owners in the country. She also partners with another company called Lucy Blu, LLC.

Since 2018, Lisa has been working at Mosaic Salon Boutique – East Location. She attended Clark High School.

Related FAQs

  • How long were Suede Brooks’ parents married?

Suede Brooks’ parents were still legally married at the time of her father’s death. Her mother filed for divorce on September 11, 2020, in the Clark Nevada Court System, 8th District Court in Clark, Nevada. The case is pending. Additionally, Steven passed away in 2021.

  • Are Suede Brooks’ parents rich?

Suede Brooks’ parents own a successful company. So they must be rich.

  • What is Suede Brooks parents net worth?

Suede Brooks’ father Steven Brooks has a net worth of over $1.5 million and her mother Lisa Shriver also has a net worth of over $800 thousand.

  • Are Suede Brooks’ parents on Instagram?

Yes, Suede Brooks’ parents are on Instagram: Lisa Brooks (@shehairguru) and Steven Brooks (@vlogdaddy).

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