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Steve Wallis (born September 10, 1981) is a Canadian YouTuber and digital content creator known for his great videos about camping and outdoor adventures.

Steve Wallis’s diverse range of content extends beyond the wilderness, delving into topics such as travel, fishing and hunting, attracting audiences around the world.

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Steve Wallis
Born: September 10, 1981 (42 years old)
Place of birth: Vancouver, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Education: do not apply
Height: 1.82 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wallis
Siblings: do not apply
Couple: Jessica Audrey Wallis (example)
Girlfriend • Partner: do not apply
Children: do not apply
Job: YouTuber • Internet personality
Net value: 1 million USD (USD)

Early Life & Education

Steve Wallis, a famous content creator, entered the world on September 10, 1981, in the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Raised by loving parents who preferred to remain anonymous, Steve’s childhood remained shrouded in privacy.

Although little is known about his siblings, Steve Wallis has kept details about his educational journey private.


Steve Wallis began his YouTube journey in 2010 with the launch of thestevewallis channel. His opening video, Camping in freezing weather -32°C, sets the stage for his unique approach to outdoor adventures. Wallis quickly recognized the need for his particular style of camping, characterized by simplicity and self-sufficiency.

Famous for her humorous and relatable content, Wallis imbues her videos with a sense of authenticity and impresses viewers. His love of beer, humorously referred to as “step two” of his camping routine, has become a branding element in his videos.

Over the years, Steve Wallis’ channel has seen significant growth, attracting an impressive 1.5 million subscribers. His videos consistently attract millions of views, reflecting his broad appeal. In addition to her digital success, Wallis is also the author of “Camping with Steve: Your guide to living your best life outdoors” and forged partnerships with various outdoor brands, solidifying its position in the outdoor community.

Several factors contributed to Wallis’s successful career, including his engaging personality and the educational yet entertaining nature of his content. His genuine passion for camping and the outdoors shines through in each video, captivating his audience and cultivating authenticity.

In addition to his YouTube efforts, Steve Wallis is actively involved as a public speaker and advocate for outdoor activities. He has spoken at many outdoor events and is currently a Canadian Bushcraft Association board member.

Social Media

  • YouTube: thestevewallis
  • Instagram: @campingsteve
  • Twitter: @WallisSteve
  • Facebook: @CampingWithSteve

Personal life

Steve Wallis, 42, is married to Jessica Audrey Wallis, forming a union characterized by their mutual decision to keep their children’s lives private, refraining from discussing them with the media. However, tragedy suddenly struck in August 2022 when Jessica sadly passed away at the age of 31.

Net value

Steve Wallis, who has over 1.39 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, is said to have a net worth of around $1 million. The majority of his income comes from his popular channel and additional income from sponsorships and merchandise sales.

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