Swifties shed tears after Taylor Swift performed ‘Crazier’ for the first time since 2009

Taylor Swift kept everyone on the edge of their seats when she performed “Crazier” as part of her surprise acoustic set for night two of The Eras Tour in Edinburgh.

Swift did a beautiful mashup of “All of the Girls You Loved Before” from Lover with the 2009 release Hannah Montana deep cutting background music.

“You’ll get extra points if you know this next song because it’s really old,” Swift told the crowd at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium before performing the song.

Swift performed “Crazier” live for the first time since her surprise appearance Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009.

At the time, Swift spoke about the Hannah Montana phenomenon to Artisan News Service in 2009.

“It’s great to be a part of the ‘Hannah Montana’ phenomenon,” she said at the time. “It’s taking over the world right now. Honestly, it’s amazing because ever since I realized I was going to be able to be in this movie, every time a little girl walks into one of the my signature, or every time I saw a little girl at one of my meet-and-greets and she was wearing a ‘Hannah Montana’ shirt, I wanted to say, ‘Guess what – I will be in that movie.

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On social networks, fans shed tears after she performed a surprise song during The Eras Tour.

“Even though I get amazing surprise songs at my shows, I always want Crazier,” one fan said on Reddit. But I was happy to see her perform it, so there is hope for Crazier TV.”

Another shared: “We got our first Crazier show in 16 years… although it’s a bit of a sin that it’s not played on guitar like in Hannah Montana, pray she plays it on guitar at a future date”.

“i usually don’t care about losing songs because oh there are many more but CRAZIER HURT has been my #1 since Hannah Montana!” one fan wrote.

“I swear if I was there live, I would cry with Crazier. I wasn’t a fan when the HM movie came out but I love Miley and I was obsessed with Crazier before I even became a Swiftie,” one person said. used to speak. admission.

Check out the video of her performance below.

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