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Taiwo Hassan (born 31 October 1959), also known as Ogogo, is a highly respected Nigerian film actor, producer and director.

He is extremely popular in the Yoruba film industry and has acted in more than 300 films.

Some of Taiwo Hassan’s famous works include Eleon, Ọkan soso, Anikulapo, Apadhiand Omo slum.

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Taiwo Hassan: History, Biography, Photos
Wiki facts and figures
full name: Taiwo Hassan
stage name: Ogogo
date of birth: October 31, 1959 (64 years old)
place of birth: Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria
country of origin: Ogun State
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
educate: Ghazikia College
high: 1.70 m
parents: Taiwo Subaru Akande, Halimat Ayinke Janrad
brothers and sisters: 2
spouse: Ajoke Hassan, Taibat Hassan
Girlfriend • Partner: not applicable
children: Rasheedat Ololade Taiwo, Jubril Olorunwa Taiwo, Shakirat Taiwo, Halimat Taiwo, Khalid Taiwo, Fuad Taiwo
Profession: Actor • Film producer
net worth: $500,000

Early life and education

Taiwo Hassan, also known as Ogogo, is a well-known actor, producer and director in the Nigerian film industry. He was born in Ilaro, Ogun State on October 31, 1959. He was raised by his parents, Taiwo Subaru Akande and Halimat Ayinke Janrad. There is a history of twins in his family and he also has a twin brother.

His grandfather and father were twins. Taiwo Hassan in Lagos Ghazikia College However, due to financial reasons, he was unable to complete his studies. After completing the technical college course, he worked as a car mechanic for a water company for about 13 years.


Taiwo Hassan began his acting career in the early 1980s while working as a mechanic. He starred in the hit TV series Yemi my loveAfter his debut, he started to act in many Yoruba movies including Owobulo, Ijaominila, Owoale, Koto-Orun, Kosorogun, Ile-Aye, Kofotinubu, Olojued There are a lot more.

Taiwo Hassan has a career spanning multiple films, having starred in over 100 Yoruba and English films in the Nigerian film industry. His ability to play a variety of roles, from villains to comedians, is a testament to his acting flexibility. Ogogo has received various honors throughout his career in recognition of his talent, including the coveted City People Film Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

Taiwo Hassan is an accomplished actor, producer and director. His resume is impressive; he has produced several popular films, including: Eleon, Suga Satoshi, Anikulapo, Apadhiand Omo slum.

Awards and nominations

City People Entertainment Awards

  • Best Supporting Actor (Yoruba) (Nominated) – 2015, 2022

Africa Magic Audience Choice Awards

  • Best Actor in a Yoruba Film (Nominated) – 2017
  • Best Supporting Actor (Nominated) – 2023

social media

  • Instagram: @ogogotaiwohassan
  • Facebook: Taiwo Hassan Ogogo
  • Twitter: @OgogoTaiwoHassan
  • YouTube: Taiwo Hassan Ogogo

personal life

Taiwo Hassan, 64, is a Nigerian film actor, producer and director who leads a private life and is reluctant to reveal too many personal matters to the media. However, it is known that Ogogo is a devout Muslim and maintains a close relationship with his family.

Taiwo Hassan married two wives, Ajoke Hassan and Taibat Hassan, and they had six children: Rasheedat Ololade Taiwo, Jubril Olorunwa Taiwo, Shakirat Taiwo, Halimat Taiwo, Khalid Taiwo and Fuad Taiwo.

Additionally, Ogogo is a philanthropist who donates to numerous organizations and contributes to various charitable causes.


  • 2004 Elephant
  • year 2004
  • Children 2022
  • Apadhi

net worth

Ogogo Taiwo Hassan is a successful actor who has accumulated a net worth of about $500,000 through his career and business endeavors.

His film production company, Ogogo Film Productionshas created several successful films for the Yoruba film industry. In addition, he is the owner of several restaurants and hotels.

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