The Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 Release Date, Patch Notes, and More

The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a video game in which you play as an agent trying to solve the problems in Washington, D.C., after a dangerous virus called “The Green Poison” screws everything up. It’s a follow-up to the first game, and a lot of people like it because of its cool locations, the look of the combat, and the music.

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But some critics disagreed with the game’s later parts. Although it didn’t sell as well as some had hoped when it first launched, it still sold over 10 million copies worldwide. A new The Division-related game is currently in the works, called Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland.

The Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 Release Date

The Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 (called “Vanguard”) is gearing up for release on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, bringing with it a host of quality-of-life improvements, events, and fresh story DLC. This marks the final season before the start of Year 6, promising major updates to PvP, PvE and talent, as well as the introduction of new armor, gear sets and talents.

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From the evolution of Project Resolve to exciting device additions, the final chapter of Year 5 delivers a variety of enhancements. Stay tuned for an immersive gaming experience and follow The Division 2’s social media for updates on maintenance and release dates.

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The Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 Patch Notes

PVE improvements

global events

These improvements are designed to make global events more interesting and engaging. Our goal is to benchmark the success of the Golden Bullet global campaign and apply it to make other global campaigns equally enjoyable. Our overall approach involves minimizing negative consequences and enhancing positive outcomes while running the global event the way it is meant to be played.

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The following global events will be affected by these changes: Guardians, Polarity Shift, Hollywood, SHD Exposed, and Resurrection.


• When an angel is killed, in addition to restoring full armor, 50% of the total armor will be added as additional armor. • Damage buff increased from 30% to 50%. • Minions now take 15% of incoming damage instead of being invulnerable. • Damage buff duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

polarity switch

• “Damaging enemies of different colors removes polarity stacking” changed to “Killing enemies of different colors removes polarity stacking”. • Maximum number of stacks increased from 5 to 4. • Damage bonus per stack increased from 20% to 25%. • Killing an enemy with the correct polarity will reload the player’s weapon.


• Triple blast range. • Triple blast damage. • Fixed explosion visual effects. • Explosions spawn signature ammo and grenades at the player’s location.

SHD exposure

• After reaching 100% exposure, the first melee attack deals 10x melee damage. • Stacking speed is increased by 50%. • Double pulse radius. • Players take 65% damage from pulse enemies instead of 115%. Non-pulse enemies still deal full damage.


• Triple blast range. • Explosion damage increased by 50%. • Enemy headshot vulnerability increased by 50%.


We have made some changes and additions to the completion conditions and rewards to make the project more interesting and valuable. These changes will affect the following projects:

  • daily projects

  • Weekly projects, including invasions and weekly legendary quests

  • Season Pass Daily Items

  • Daily and weekly Dark Zone and Clash projects

  • Weekly Drop Items

  • Weekly Summit Project

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game mode

We plan to introduce talent rotation to Bloodlines and shorten run lengths to speed up encounters with Nemesis.

Summit fans can look forward to the LVL 100 XP issue being resolved.

Optimizations have been implemented in all three modes (Countdown, Descent, and Summit) to improve overall stability and performance.

Weapon balance

The General Buff Balance Pass is designed to enhance the appeal of less popular weapons and make them more attractive to all agents.

Changes made to standard weapons may have an impact on named and exotic weapons derived from them. However, to avoid inadvertently over-boosting exotics and named weapons, some buffs may not be retained. While most weapons are expected to inherit base weapon buffs, some may remain unchanged to maintain balance. In addition, the tertiary attributes of all exotic weapons can be reconfigured.

Gear balancing

Our goal is to increase the intensity of the 2-piece and 3-piece branded set bonuses to reward players for committing to specific branded sets. We want to make the three-piece bonus more attractive while also making less-used mechanics more relevant.

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new function

We’ve made several improvements to our inventory system. We’ve added a new menu called “Patch” that combines the functionality of optimization and recalibration into one convenient location. This menu, along with the Expertise menu and Talent/Attribute Library, now have a separate tab in the inventory that can be accessed from anywhere, reducing the need to return to the base of operations. We will also adjust optimization costs to reduce the costs associated with upgrades. Additionally, we have introduced the option to send items directly to the storage room and issue a warning if the storage room is full. Additionally, we implemented a feature that displays the quantity of a stored item when approaching it, eliminating the need to visit it to check inventory.

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Quality of Life Update

We’ve made some big changes to the loot box system in the open world. Loot boxes will now scale with World difficulty, resulting in higher quality gear and improved stats across the board, especially for Challenge and Heroic difficulties.

Additionally, we’re introducing a new feature that allows players to instantly use Armor Kits to replenish 25% of their armor on a 5-second cooldown. This is in addition to the existing ability to replenish 100% armor by holding down the button.

Additionally, we capped the HP bonus for SHD watches at level 2000 and increased the HP gain. From level 1 to level 1000, players will receive 30 health points and 1 Perk point at each level. From level 1001 to level 2000, the health gain remains at 30 health per level. Above level 2000, there will be no additional health bonus. These changes are designed to enhance the gameplay experience and provide a more balanced progression system.

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To avoid duplication that unnecessarily clutters the mod space, we want to make skill mod inventory management more efficient. Each bonus can only be owned once, and when a player gets a better bonus, the roll value is updated.

PVP improvements


Our goal is to strengthen Clash’s position as the purest PvP experience in The Division 2 by making it more balanced for all players, regardless of their time invested in the game. As a result, all agents joining the conflict will have their Expertise and SHD Observation bonuses removed.

The caches available to agents in this mode will provide a greater quantity and quality of bonus items.

Changes affecting spawn areas include plans to add turrets to all spawn points to prevent spawn camping, and disable changing gear’s items and loadouts in conflict. Only one loadout switch and a single piece of equipment is allowed per respawn.

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status impact

Status effect adjustments prioritize PVP experience.

All changes to status effects included in Project Resolve focus on reducing their impact and introducing counterattacks. The aim is to make status effects in PvP more manageable and give agents additional options to counteract them. While these changes are primarily targeted at the PvP experience, we’ll also be monitoring their impact on PvE.

Diminishing returns have been added to all status effects in PVP, divided into crowd control (shock, entrapment, blinding) and damage over time (bleed, burn, poison). The law of diminishing returns does not apply to PvE.

Diminishing returns means that the duration of each subsequent application of a status effect of the same category is shortened until full immunity is reached.

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Plague of the Exiles in PvP also suffers from diminishing returns, with stacks being halved when transferred.

Additionally, the severity of stationary status effects has been reduced, a 50% hazard protection for 5 seconds has been added to each target of all repair skills, Poison has been included in the list of effects for Booster Hive Purge, and the boost duration is now Expandable with skill levels, skill level 6 has a time range from 5 seconds to a maximum of 6.5 seconds.


Our goal is to make certain talents more suitable for PVP and address some balance issues. Agents can expect the following talents to be revised in both PVP and PVE:

Weapon talent

  • doctor’s home
  • Actum Est PvP only
  • future perfection
  • fast
  • Thunder Strike and Perfect Thunder Strike
  • big game hunter
  • Breathe freely
  • perfectly preserved
  • Flat Line and Perfectly Flat Line

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Gear Talent

  • Glass Cannon and Perfect Glass Cannon
  • Intimidation and perfect intimidation
  • temporary repair
  • craft refinery
  • improved materials
  • obliterate:
  • Unbreakable and Perfect are only available in Unbreakable PvP

dark zone

Project Resolve introduces a more pronounced contrast between invaded and uninvaded Dark Zones, allowing players to customize the intensity of the gaming experience. Our goal is to make the Dark Zone more accessible to a wider audience while providing a dedicated space for those seeking a more intense experience.

Here are the changes agents can expect in an uninvaded DZ:

  • “Going Rogue” activation time increased from 0.75 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • The duration of the first level rogue has been extended from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Players with Rogue status will not be able to switch gear or individual pieces of equipment while in Rogue status.

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We also plan to disable changing gear items and loadouts during the Dark Zone. Only one loadout switch and a single piece of equipment is allowed per respawn.


Of the many fixes included in Project Resolve, here are some that PVP players will appreciate the most:

  • An issue that allowed Agents using the C79 scope to target from cover without being detected and exposed to enemy fire has been fixed with the Forward Ballistic Shield activated.
  • An issue that allowed an Agent to shoot with any scope while using any shield and have their hitbox fully protected by the item has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused Agents to retain the increased magazine size in the real Patriot gear set even after changing gear has been fixed.
  • Finally, a glitch in allowing passage of ladders when entering a bunker directly behind the ladder has been fixed.


Project Resolve makes it easier to upgrade expertise, ensuring that the cost of upgrading is proportional to the benefits gained. Our intention is to prioritize players’ time by implementing this change.

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“The Division 2” trailer

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