The Super Eagles star accused his wife of having an affair with pastor Tobi Adegboyega

Nigerian footballer Kayode Olanrewaju’s wife, Ezinne Dora Kayode, is embroiled in a scandal that includes fraud, adultery and kidnapping. The recently emerged scandal has sent shockwaves across Nigeria, leaving many people stunned by the sordid details that have emerged.

Amid allegations of cheating and betrayal, Kayode Olanrewaju, a popular Super Eagles footballer, has accused his wife of fraudulent activities and adultery with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega. The controversy, first reported by Instablog9ja, has since attracted the attention of the public as well as the media.

According to reports, Ezinne Dora Kayode is accused of deceiving her husband about her age, leading to their sham marriage. Furthermore, it is alleged that she had an illicit relationship with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, facilitated through relationships with individuals linked to controversial figures Daddy Freeze and Taste Bud.

The scandal turned darker with allegations of financial misconduct, with Kayode Olanrewaju claiming that his wife embezzled assets, including two Mercedes SUVs, to support a lavish lifestyle by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega and his associates. It was further alleged that Ezinne colluded with others, including real estate broker Ugochukwu Igboanugo, to illegally transfer ownership of the property from her husband.

The situation reached a brutal climax when Mrs. Kayode allegedly kidnapped the couple’s three children on March 24, 2024, leaving their whereabouts unknown. Despite desperate pleas and petitions to law enforcement agencies, including the Nigerian Police FCID Alagbon, efforts to locate the children and recover the stolen property So far no results.

Kayode Olanrewaju, wife and children

In response to the ongoing crisis, Kayode Olanrewaju has revealed his deep suffering, revealing his attempt to take his own life and terminate his football contract out of fear for his safety. He alleged that receiving threats from unknown individuals, including some in law enforcement, further aggravated an already dire situation.

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