Weston McKennie’s parents, Tina and John McKennie

Weston James Earl McKennie, born in Little Elm, Texas, was a talented athlete who made a name for himself in professional football.

Currently playing for Serie A club Juventus and the United States national team, McKennie has proven himself to be a skilled midfielder with a bright future ahead.

He is also noted for his versatility on the field, playing multiple positions and adapting to different playing styles.

McKennie is a rising star in football and will no doubt continue to make a name for himself in the coming years.

Who are Weston McKennie’s parents?

Weston McKennie was born in Fort Lewis, USA, on August 28, 1998. He was raised by his parents John McKennie and Tina McKennie and he grew up with his siblings, John McKennie Jr.

However, more information is needed about his educational background.

John McKennie

John McKennie was born in America but the media does not know his exact date of birth.

He is known as the father of Weston McKennie, but little is known about his personal and family life.

Despite the lack of information, John McKennie’s contributions and achievements in his field had a lasting impact and cemented his legacy.

Tina McKenzie

Tina McKennie is the mother of John McKennie, a famous American football player. She was born in America but the media does not know her exact date of birth.

Tina often supported her son in his games and was a constant source of love and encouragement throughout his career.

She is known for her humble, down-to-earth nature and dedication to her family and community.

Despite her son’s fame, Tina remains a devoted and supportive mother who always puts her family first.

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