What Happened to Des Taviner in The Bill? Who Played Des Taviner in The Bill Actor?

What happened to de Taverna in “The Bill”?

Des Taviner was a character on the television series The Bills from 2001 to 2004. He is a well-known military officer in Sun Mountain and is involved in several major storylines in the show. One of the storylines involved the deaths of several Sun Mountain police officers. Des was somehow connected to the incident, but details were not specified in the information provided. Another storyline involved the kidnapping of another police officer, and yet another nearly killed a longtime Sun Hill police officer.

Des Taviner first appeared in the Season 17 episode “Weeknight, Part 1”, opposite PC Di Worrell. In his first year at Sun Mountain, Des faced various challenges and experienced extraordinary experiences, such as being shot while chasing armed robbers, quelling riots, etc.

In 2002, a fire broke out at Sun Hill, killing several police officers, including Chief Inspector Derek Conway. Des was involved in the aftermath of the fire, trying to blame the case on a supremacist named Jeff Simpson. Desire and his colleague Danny Glaze fabricated evidence linking Simpson to the fire.

During Des’ final year on the show, he was racked with guilt for setting a fire that resulted in the death of a co-worker. He entered into a relationship with Sergeant Sheila Murphy, who was married at the time. However, his guilt and the news that Simpson was appealing his conviction strained their relationship.

Des eventually admitted to Sheila that he had set the fire. She confronts him, demanding that he tell Sheriff Adam Okaro or she will reveal the truth herself. Des and Sheila decide to think it over, but Des is angry when he discovers that Sheila went to New Scotland Yard with O’Carroll. Furious, Des joins the chase and chases a suspect into the warehouse. There is an explosion in the warehouse and Des is presumed dead.

Des later returned to Sun Mountain to visit Sheila and their baby, but Sheila revealed that the baby died from a heart defect. A distraught Des kidnaps Cameron Tate and Sheila in connection with the baby’s death. During his conversation with Cameron, Des realized that he was blaming others to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions. Des decides to tell Sheila where Cameron is, but in the process, he is arrested by Gina Gold.

While in custody, Des was beaten to death by a manic-depressive patient. Des’ colleague Reg rushed to the scene after hearing the news, but failed to save Des. Des was pronounced dead at the hospital. After Des’ death, he was mentioned in connection with the second Sun Hill fire in 2005. Tony Stamp mentioned that there are several theories as to who might have started the fire, including the ghost of Des Taviner.

Who plays Des Taverner in “Bill Actor”?

The actor who plays PC Des Taviner in The Bill is Paul Usher. Usher was born in Liverpool on April 30, 1961. He is a British actor who is well-known in the entertainment industry. Arthur’s role as PC Des Taviner in The Bill is one of his most famous.

The Act is a long-running British television series that follows the daily lives of police officers working at the fictional Sun Hill Police Station. PC Des Taviner, played by Usher, is a complex and multi-dimensional character that adds depth to the show.

In addition to his role in “The Bill,” Usher has appeared in various other television series. He played Mark Johnson in Liverpool 1, a police drama set in the city of Liverpool. This role showcases Arthur’s versatility as an actor and his ability to slip into different characters.

Usher’s acting career also includes appearances in hit TV shows such as “Brookside” and “London Burning.” Usher plays the role of Barry Grant in the British soap opera Brookside. This role allowed him to showcase his acting skills in dramatic and tense situations. Usher played the role of Station Officer Tate in the firefighter-centric series London Burning.

In addition, Usher’s talents as an actor also extend to the big screen. He has appeared in films such as “Robin Hood,” in which he played Will Scarlett. The role allowed Usher to showcase his physical prowess and charisma on the big screen. Throughout his career, Usher has proven himself to be a versatile and talented actor. From playing PC Des Taviner in The Bill to roles in Liverpool 1, Brookside, London Burning and Robin Hood, Arthur has left a lasting impression on audiences.


de taverna final episode

De Taverna’s final episode on The Bill is titled “Fatal Consequences.” The show aired live on October 30, 2003 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the pilot episode “Woodentop”. The episode was written by Tom Needham, directed by Sylvie Borden, and produced by Susan Mather and Donna Wiffen.

In this episode, the main plot revolves around DC Juliette Becker and PC Cathy Bradford being held hostage by a drunkard named Mark Nevitt. As the situation escalates, Juliet is pushed into a delivery van and station police are alerted to a hostage situation. Meanwhile, the homicide team is interviewing a suspect named Jules Ellis who may have information about a disappearance.

While all this was happening, the officers at the station were also dealing with personal and emotional struggles. DC Mitch Webber, who recently experienced a traumatic event, returns to assist in the investigation. There is tension between Sergeant Dale Smith and Officer Tony Stamp over Mickey’s rape and its aftermath. Superintendent Adam Okaro and Inspector Gina Gold coordinate Juliet’s rescue.

As the plot unfolds, Juliette is rescued from the van, only to find that she has been stabbed. First aid was provided in the station yard, while the ambulance was delayed due to road traffic accidents. In a parallel storyline, Officer Joan Ackland cares for a domestic violence victim at the hospital, where she also encounters Officer Jim Carver, who is suspected of being abused by his wife.

Unfortunately, Juliet could not be rescued and the rescue team was unable to revive her at the hospital. The devastating loss has affected officers at the police station, particularly Sergeant Sheila Murphy, who was overcome with emotion. Joan tries to comfort Sheila, but is shocked when she discovers that the victim of domestic violence is the wife of Juliet’s killer.

Shockingly, Des Taverna, who was thought to be dead in the previous episode, reappears at the station. It was revealed that he survived the car crash and explosion, leaving viewers surprised and curious about his return. The episode also saw the resolution of a hostage situation involving Mark Nevitt, who tragically swallowed his tongue and died while in custody.

Amid the chaos, Gary Best, who had been hoping for news about his missing father, lashed out at Jules Ellis and chased him onto the station roof. A confrontation ensued, resulting in Gary and Ellis falling off the roof and landing on a passing van. The episode ends with fireworks exploding overhead, symbolizing the intensity and drama of what happened.


The Act is a British police procedural television series that aired on ITV from 1983 to 2010. The series follows the lives and work of shift police officers, focusing on both uniformed officers and undercover detectives. It is known for its realistic depiction of police work and deals with a variety of situations and storylines faced by law enforcement professionals.

The series began in August 1983 with a one-off TV series called “Woodentop,” which served as the show’s pilot episode. Since then, The Bill has become a long-running and successful series, becoming the longest-running police procedural drama in the UK and one of the longest-running British television series at the time of its hiatus.

The show’s title, “The Bill,” is derived from the slang term “Old Bill,” commonly used to refer to police officers. The choice of title reflects the series’ focus on the lives and work of police officers. During its 27-year run, the act was both praised and controversial.

In 2008, an episode about a fictional treatment for multiple sclerosis was criticized. The show was also widely criticized for its level of violence, particularly prior to 2009, when it aired in a pre-watershed time slot. Despite this, the series won several awards, including a BAFTA Award, a Writers Guild Award, and the 2009 Inside Soap Award for Best Drama Film.

The bill was broadcast on major independent television networks throughout its run. In later years, the episodes were repeated on ITV3 and other digital stations such as Gold, Alibi, W, Dave and Drama. However, in March 2010, it was decided not to revive the show due to declining audience numbers and negative public and media reviews. Filming ceased on June 14, 2010, and the final episode aired on August 31, 2010, marking the end of an era for the long-running series.

The Act had a major impact on British television, becoming one of the country’s most successful and long-lasting police procedural shows. It gives viewers a look into the life of a police officer and tackles a wide range of issues and storylines. Despite the controversy, the show gained a loyal fan base and received critical acclaim throughout its run.

Who is Paul Arthur?

Paul Arthur is a British actor known for his roles in several television series. He was born on April 20, 1961 and had a successful career spanning several decades. Usher gained recognition for his role as Barry Grant in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside, which he began starring in 1982.

This role helped him establish himself as a talented actor and he went on to star in other famous TV series such as Liverpool 1 and London Burning. He also starred in the film Six Bend Trap and played Liam Luxford in the 1999 film Swing. In 2001, Usher joined the cast of the ITV police drama The Bill, playing PC Des Taviner. He played the character for three years, appearing in a total of 135 episodes.

In 2019, Usher joined the cast of the long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders as Danny Hardcastle. This marks another major milestone in his career as he becomes part of one of the UK’s most popular television shows. In addition to his television work, Usher has appeared in other productions. In May 2023, he appeared in an episode of the BBC soap opera Doctors, playing the role of Terry Exton.

In his personal life, Usher was educated at Wirral Grammar School for Boys. He met his wife, Charlotte, while filming “The Bill,” and they married in Rhode Island. They have a child named Lucas. Unfortunately, Usher tragically lost his son James in 2014 from a previous marriage.

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