Who are Lee Gaskill and Kimber Lee Miller? Bryce Lee’s parents!

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The Trust: Who are Bryce Lee’s parents?

trustBryce Lee’s is the son of Lee Gaskill and Kimber Lee Miller. Bryce is a real estate broker at John L Scott Lake Tapps. He started her job in September 2020. He has been a co-founder at Olive Branch: The Home Staging & Design Company – Stage It List It Sell It since 2018. Additionally, he hired as a Marketing and Sales Specialist at John L. Scott Real Estate.

Other jobs and positions he has held include working as a sales representative at KING 5 Media Group, Resident Advisor at Housing & Food Services – University of Washington, Seattle, Director at Hansee Hall, Treasurer at Univeristy Chorale, Customer Service Representative at Maris Farms, and Production Assistant at Home & Family.

In addition to his impressive career, Bryce is an active philanthropist, devoting his time and resources to initiatives that have a positive impact on his community and the world. He is actively involved with organizations such as No Kid Hungry, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the Salvation Army and the US World Food Program.

In his personal life, Bryce is a passionate culinary artist who finds joy in honing his cooking techniques and exploring new cuisines.

Bryce is one of the cast members of Netflix Faith: The Game of Greed which you can stream on Netflix. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consisted of 11 strangers who were given $250k to split equally among them. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they will be awarded cash prizes immediately.

Despite being the youngest in the Netflix series starting at 11, Bryce Lee has made a name for himself in the house by making as many friends as possible. When the other participants learn that one of them is a millionaire, he also begins to feel worried about his position in the house. It turns out that Bryce’s career as a real estate broker has allowed him to amass an incredible amount of wealth, but he fears that revealing this might incite others to want to destroy him. As a result, he decided to hide it for a while.

During his first days at home, Bryce faced some difficult decisions. Along with Gaspare Randazzo, he was part of the second pair to enter the dugout and had to choose between two offers. They could lose $10,000 from the trust but save someone at the next ceremony, or they could keep $5,000 each and elect the same person at the next ceremony.

Jacob “Jake” Chocholous intentionally chose Bryce to go to the vault because Bryce’s vote was revoked during the original entrustment ceremony.

Bryce and Gaspare ultimately chose Julie Theis to save in the second trust ceremony losing a total of $10,000. Not long after, Bryce had to visit the cellar again, which he did not like. During the next ceremony, he and Jake can decide whether to keep $10,000 each in case someone goes home, or they can choose to add $2,000 to the trust for each individual who refuses to vote.

Bryce and Jake told everyone that they chose the second option after getting out of the vault and that no one in the group voted for anyone, which added another $18,000 to the trust fund. Encouraged by the confidence of the participants, Bryce decided to be honest and admit to everyone that he was the hidden millionaire among them. Many others were unhappy about this, including Julie and Tolú Ekundare, who believed that Bryce’s affluence and owning his own money was unfair to those who seemed to need the trust fund. than.

Meet Lee Gaskill, Bryce Lee’s Trusted Father

Trust Bryce Lee’s father is Jake Lee. Born in December 1971, Lee is 52 years old this year. Lee Gaskill is a resident of Bonney Lake, Washington, located just outside of Seattle and Tacoma. Since 2016, he has worked for Stryker Trucking as Director of Operations, managing various aspects of the company’s operations in the Pierce County and King County areas, including finance, planning office planning, reporting and licensing as well as departmental goals and policies.

In addition, Lee Gaskill is also in charge of employee recruitment, purchasing, inventory maintenance and equipment procurement.

Mr. Gaskill has nearly thirty years of experience managing startup businesses in Pierce and King Counties and pursuing real estate acquisitions. He is an expert in managing homes for others, flipping real estate and coaching young people to become homeowners. He began his career in the early 1990s as a member of the Bonney Lake Fire Department, responding to fires and diving rescues at Tapps Lake, Bonney Lake and Hidden Lake, in addition to providing Emergency medical assistance for local people.

In the department’s rankings, Lee was named Firefighter First Class, slightly below Lieutenant. In the military, this rank is equivalent to the rank of Sergeant. For nine years, Lee Gaskill has volunteered with the Bonney Lake Police and Fire Departments.

Meet Kimber Lee Miller, Bryce Lee’s Trusted Mother

Kimber Lee Miller, Bryce Lee’s mother, was born in January 1972, meaning she is 52 years old this year.

Kimber is an industry veteran who exudes charm and trustworthiness. Her love for design and sales began before she entered the real estate market. Kimber regularly goes to trade events to promote her products with her sister Sandra Lee, a chef, author and designer on the Food Network.

Her sister Kurtain Kraft made her debut on many home shopping channels such as QVC, HSN and Value Vision, with a surprisingly positive reception. Kimber assisted her sister throughout the process as a live character and set designer.

Kimber and her husband then built their first home together and thus discovered her passion for real estate and decorating. Kimber was involved in the process from start to finish and subsequently received her real estate license in 1999.

In addition to real estate, Kimber is also a passionate supporter of breast cancer caregivers. When her sister received her diagnosis in 2015, Kimber gave her her full support. In the HBO documentary “RX: Early Detection – The Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee,” for which Kimber won the Creative Alliance Spotlight Initiative Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, they recorded recounts Sandra’s journey, including her double mastectomy treatment. Kimber and Sandra aim to encourage screenings and save lives by sharing their experiences.

Related FAQs

  • Are Bryce Lee’s parents still married?

Yes, Bryce Lee’s parents are still married. Lee and Kimber love to travel and explore the world. In April 2017, the couple traveled to Europe to see the wonders of Italy, France, Spain and Greece.

Back in 2018, Lee and his wife went to Mexico, where he worked with disadvantaged youth and helped build homes. In 2019, the couple hosted foreign exchange students interested in the Pacific Northwest and exploring educational opportunities. The Lees raised three children who are now adults and are proud to call themselves Mr. and Mrs.

In February 2023, Kimber posted: “Happy 1st anniversary of dating my favorite Groundhog… Love you even more “30” years later.”

  • How many children do Bryce Lee’s parents have?

Lee and Kimber had two more children.

  • Where do Bryce Lee’s parents reside?

Bryce Lee’s parents are living in Bonney Lake, Washington.

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