Who is Abigail the White? Age, Height, Ex-Girlfriend Alex Eubank

Abigail White dated Alex Eubank. Alex, a YouTuber, has become famous in the medical community. Described on his YouTube channel as “a natural lifter who creates fitness and lifestyle content focused on building [his] most natural figure,” Additionally, he emphasized his Christian religion in all his writings.

Naturally, many are drooling over the gym enthusiast because of his viral fame. The next thing to do is to see if this fitness model currently has a partner or not.

But learn more about his ex-girlfriend when you check out this article. Here we bring you detailed information related to Abigail White.

Meet Abigail White, Alex Eubank’s Ex-Girlfriend

Alex Eubank and his ex-girlfriend Abigail White reportedly started dating in 2022. They met in Houston when Alex was down there doing some work. Abigail was able to meet him because she texted him. They followed each other on Instagram. Soon after she popped into his DMs, they started communicating and eventually became close.

When they first met, Abigail was fascinated by him and she fell in love with him immediately. The dating couple also decided to move in together and found a place to live in Baltimore, Maryland even though she already had an apartment in Dallas.

On June 26, 2022, Alex asked Abigail to be his girlfriend and on June 29, Abigail flew to Maryland to be with Alex.

A closer look at Alex’s social media shows that he rarely shares anything else and that he takes his fitness very seriously. His personal life is rarely revealed in glimpses. When he posts with others, it’s usually while they’re exercising and still focused on work.

These people are sometimes women, although he rarely says whether they are related or not. One Instagram user said: “Every time I open Insta, a man is with another girl.” in response to a painting.

In any case, it turned out that none of these women were recognized as Alex’s girlfriend. Alex admitted that he broke up with Abigail, his last workout partner, even though they had previously dated and were quite public about it.

In early 2023, Alex responded to inquiries and clarified on the internet that Abby had returned to Texas during their time apart. “I’m lucky to have social media in my life, but you have to be open about everything,” Alex said.

“We’re not together anymore,” he said to clarify. “For now, she’s going home to take care of herself a little and I’m going to take care of myself. As for the details, I don’t want to go into detail. There is no such bad blood. I still love her. I still talk to her.”

Alex urged followers to show consideration and stay out of trouble. He made it clear that he didn’t want it to be confused with something it wasn’t. The two have not been seen reconnecting or getting back together since then.

The couple plans to get married when “the time is right.” Before meeting Alex, she was dating someone else who she was with for two and a half years.

Abigail White Age

In August 1998, Abigail White was born. She turns 25 years old in 2023.

Abigail White Job

Abigail White works as a fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and mental health advocate, according to her IG bio. When COVID hit, she was just starting her fitness journey. She invested full-time in fitness after meeting Alex. Alex also motivated her to exercise full-time.

Being in a male-dominated industry, Abigail also shared that she and her partner are building a platform based on appearance and people expect that of you. And for her, as a woman, it was not an easy task.

Talking about high school, Abigail shared that she didn’t think she was popular in high school. She’s a member of all the groups at school but she’s not popular in the sense that everyone invites her to prom. After graduating from high school, she attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She holds a B.Sc. in biology. She has five minor children.

According to Facebook, Abigail works at Sidewalk Café.

Is Abigail white on Instagram?

Indeed, Abigail White is available on Instagram (@abigailwhhitee), YouTube, TikTok (@abigailwhhitee), Threads (@abigailwhhitee) and Facebook (@abigail.white.399488).

Abigail White Height

Abigail White’s height measures under 5’7”. The blonde beauty has several tattoos on her body.

Abigail’s white family

Little is known about Abigail White’s family members. Her mother’s name is Andrea Blair. In November 1965, Andrea turned 58 years old. According to her Facebook, Andrea attended Grass Lake High School. You can find her on social networks Facebook (@andrea.l.blair) and Instagram (@andreablair82).

Abigail also has a sister named Allison White. Allison is 29 years old, born in 1994. In addition, Allison also studied Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design at Ferris State University. She graduated from Napoleon High School and resides in Rowlett, Texas.

Allison is married to Marcus Ryan.

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  • Where does White Abigail come from?

Abigail White is originally from Rowlett, Texas. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

  • When is Abigail White’s birthday?

Abigail White’s birthday is on August 2.

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