You can’t cancel me, I earn N9 million every week – Food Critic Opeyemi Famakin

Opeyemi Famakin, Nigeria’s most famous food critic, caused a stir across the country with a bold statement: “You can’t cancel me; I earned N9 million in a bad week.” Famakin’s assertion has sparked both curiosity and debate, shedding light on the country’s financial landscape of food criticism.

In an era of growing cancel culture, Famakin’s confidence stands out. The statement emphasizes challenging the notion of being silenced or excluded from public discussion. Instead, Famakin’s financial strength serves as a shield against cancellation efforts.

While the exact details of Opeyemi Famakin’s earnings are yet to be revealed, the figure of N9 million per week paints a picture of considerable financial success in the field of food criticism. This revelation highlights the lucrative nature of the industry and challenges perceptions of the financial stability of niche professions.

Reactions from Nigerians were mixed to Famakin’s assertion. While some applaud Opeyemi Famakin’s confidence and success, others question the integrity and authenticity of his work. Famakin’s statement sparked conversations about the intersection of fame, wealth and accountability in food criticism.

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