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Zheng Geping (born 27 May 1964), also known as Zheng Guoping, is a talented actor and television personality from Singapore. He rose to fame in 1996 when he won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Star Awards.

This honor instantly made him one of the most sought-after actors in Chinese-language television in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Before he became famous, Zheng Geping had played a large number of small but influential roles in many TV series and sitcoms, and played supporting roles in many feature films, showing his versatility.

Singaporean actor

Zheng Geping
Zheng Geping: History, Life, Photos
Wiki facts and figures
full name: Zheng Guoping
stage name: Zheng Geping
date of birth: May 27, 1964 (60 years old)
place of birth: Singapore
Country of Citizenship: Singapore
high: 1.82 m
parents: not applicable
brothers and sisters: not applicable
Wife • Spouse: Hong Huifang (married in 1992)
Girlfriend • Partner: not applicable
children: Calvert Tay
Profession: Actor • Television personality
net worth: $5 million

early life

Zheng Guoping, also known as Zheng Geping, was born on May 27, 1964 to Chinese Singaporean parents. Zheng Guoping spent his growing up years in Singapore, and the public knew little about his ancestry.

However, Zheng Geping wrote a moving note about his mother on the social media platform Facebook, expressing his deep admiration for her compassion and self-sacrifice.My dear mom is always so kind and brilliant! She always puts the needs of her family first. I really can’t express my gratitude to her enough.

Unfortunately, Zheng Geping’s mother has passed away. In an interview, he frankly talked about an experience in which he was physically punished by the principal in a rage when he was young.

When the incident occurred, the principal walked into the classroom and found paper scraps everywhere. He hastily put the blame on Zheng Geping, and a heated argument broke out between the two parties. In the end, the principal slapped Zheng Geping hard to punish him for his so-called violation.

personal life

Zheng Geping’s wife Hong Huifang is an actress from MediaCorp, and the couple has two children, a son named Zheng Kaiwen and a daughter named Zheng Yingwen. In a recent social media post, Zheng Kaiwen revealed that he and his sister have a habit of sending their father unexpected love and gratitude on Father’s Day.

In an interview, Zheng Geping said with a fatherly sense of pride:I am happy to report that my son is a man of extraordinary empathy and compassion. Despite his financial constraints while doing his NS duty, he still found a way to buy me a pair of shoes as a gift, which I still love wearing to this day.


Zheng Geping, a former chef and taekwondo coach, began working as an actor after graduating from the 7th Professional Drama Actor Training Class of Shanghai Radio and Television in 1987, mostly playing supporting roles.

His hard work paid off in 2007 when he won the Best Actor award at the Star Awards for his performance in Like Father, Like Daughter.

Zheng Geping’s popularity has soared since he won the Best Actor Award in 2007, and he was named one of the top ten most popular male artists from 2009 to 2013. At the age of 47, he revealed his inner voice, and his budding six-pack abs would put most men to shame.

In June 2013, Zheng Geping was hired as a brand spokesperson by a hair consulting company. In August 2013, he published the book “Celebrity Fitness”, which tells his journey to health and fitness and gives tips on how to exercise and get a perfect body. These led to fans asking about his diet and the measurements he took to get in shape.

net worth

Zheng Geping has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He began his career in the entertainment industry as a popular actor on Channel 8 in 1987. In recent years, he has shifted his focus to working behind the scenes as an executive producer.

social media

  • Instagram account: @Zhenggeping
  • Twitter account: @Zhenggeping


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