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Zukiswa Rantho (born 1960s) is a prominent politician and former teacher from South Africa.

She is a member of the African National Congress, also known as the ANC.

She is widely known in South Africa for her role as head of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Eskom.

She was a teacher before deciding to pursue a career in politics.

Zukiswa Rantho gave up her teaching career to pursue politics. She quickly rose from the margins to hold provincial office.

South African politician

Zukiswa Rantho
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Wiki Events & About Data
First and last name: Zukiswa Rantho
Born: The 1960s
Year old: 50 years old
Place of birth: Jansenville, Eastern Cape
Nationality: South Africa
Parents: Do not have
Height: Do not have
Siblings: Do not have
Boyfriend • Husband: Married (Unknown)
Job: Politician • Teacher
Net asset value: $1,000,000 – $5,000,000

Early life

Zukiswa Rantho was born in the mid-1960s. She was born and raised in Jansenville, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

According to her, her hometown was so small that finding her parents and family was simple. She was a member of the Kula clan.

Her political career began while she was a student in 1976, spurred by the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

She joined the Youth League of the African National Congress (ANC) as Jansenville Youth (JAYCO).


Zukiswa Rantho graduated from Nathaniel Pamla High School in Bantu State, Ciskei.

She earned her teaching degree after completing her studies.


Zukiswa Rantho was the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises (Parliamentary Committee) for five years, commencing on 20 June 2014 and ending on 7 May 2019.

She served as chairwoman of the National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises for five years after becoming a member of the National Assembly in the 4th National Assembly (2009-2014).

She later became a member of the African National Congress’s legislative group and a delegate to the National Council of Provinces. She was elected to the National Assembly in May 2014 and left on 7 May 2019.

She worked as the Constituency Liaison Officer at the African National Congress Constituency Office from May 2014 to May 2019.

Zukiswa Rantho was a member of the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ Benefits (Joint Committee) until May 2019.

She was elected to the National Assembly (NA) on 16 May 2014 and held the position for five days. On 21 May 2014, she resigned for personal reasons.

She served on the Joint Committee on the Constitution and the Ad Hoc Committee on the State Information Protection Bill. She is also a member of the Joint Committee on Ethics and Membership.

She joined the Provincial National Council as a Delegate on 7 May 2009. Zukiswa Rantho is also a member of the Select Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and serves as the Chair of the Select Committee on Education and Recreation.

Zukiswa Rantho serves on the Select Committees on Women, Children and Persons with Disabilities on Economic Development, Private Members’ Petitions and Legislative Proposals.

She also served in the National Council of Provinces as the Chief Provincial (National Assembly) Member. Zukiswa Rantho was also a member of the Select Committee on Social Services.

Personal life

Ms. Zukiswa Rantho is now married with children.

She addressed the threats against her family on Tuesday, February 3, 2021.

During the investigation, she told the commission that her family had been threatened and bullied.

People are staring at her house. She says no real protection has been given to her even after the report.

Net asset value

South African politician Zukiswa Rantho, in her 50s, has amassed an estimated net worth of between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.

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