All Photo Rally Locations Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide

Like a dragon, immeasurable wealth

Yakuza: Infinite Fortune is a role-playing video game produced by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. It is the ninth mainline installment in the Yakuza series and is a direct sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2020) and Yakuza Gaiden: The Man Who Erased his Name (2023). The game stars Ichiban Kasuga, the protagonist of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Kazuma Kiryu, the original protagonist of the series.

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Taking place in Hawaii, the series’ first overseas location, as well as a familiar backdrop in Japan, the story follows Kasuga and Kiryu teaming up to help Kasuga find and reunite with her mother in Hawaii while Kiryu battles lung cancer.

Yakuza: Infinite Fortune was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on January 26, 2024, and received positive reviews from critics upon launch.

The game combines role-playing elements with an engaging narrative as players follow characters on their journeys, face challenges and form alliances. The addition of the new location Hawaii adds a freshness to the series, and the game’s success is evident in the positive reviews from players and critics.

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All Photography Gathering Locations Yakuza Infinite Wealth Guide

In Yakuza, the Photo Rally is a special place where you can take photos in the game to earn rewards and accumulate wealth. Each location presents unique challenges, and capturing specific landmarks can help you progress through the wealth-building guide.

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meeting place

photo spot



Little Japan Photography Gathering

coconut turtle

On the wall of a green-painted residential complex on Makani Street.

Short Sword (4-star weapon)

Ukulele girls and boys

A cute couple wearing ukuleles is displayed in a shop window on Momo Street.

Jeff’s Taco Truck

Shining golden food trucks on the riverside in West Waikiki Park.

Matsumoto shaved ice logo

Inside the Matsumoto Shaved Ice building, hanging on the wooden wall.

rotating bar sign

Above the door of Revolve Bar, the team’s headquarters in Hawaii.

Shanyan store sign

The corner of Chun Street is decorated with Shanyan Weapon Shop.

Plants on the windowsill

Just outside a house on the corner of Tsubaki and Waikiki streets.

Lucky Cat

Inside the casino in one of the small Japanese alleys.

Jumping dolphin mural

On the wall of a white house opposite Ryukai Shrine.

Ninja Sushi

At Shinobi Sushi, hidden ninjas are peeking at you.

Inside Ryukai Shrine

Enter Ryukai Shrine and photograph its gorgeous interior.

Yim Long Island Armory – Window Display

In the window of the Umryongdo Armory near the revolving bar, there are realistic-looking samurai armors on display.

Yanlong Island Armory-Dharma

Take a photo of the giant Daruma doll with glowing eyes at the Umryongdo Armory.

Ashe stamp sign

A small but popular poke restaurant and its glowing neon sign can be found in a park off Waikiki Street.

Big King Pizza Mascot

There is a smiling pizza mascot on the exterior wall of Big King Pizza on Waikiki Street.

Waikiki Photo Session

Seaworthy Treasures Window Display

The windows of Seaworthy Treasures on Waikiki Street display colorful Hawaiian style.

Surfing Flounder (3-star weapon)

Cream and berries logo

Inside the Waikiki branch of Cream & Berry pancake shop, it’s shaped like a surfboard.

seaside park statue

There is a shining dolphin statue in the seaside park along the promenade.

mohalla shaved ice menu

Attached is the flavor list for Aloha Street Mohala Shave Ice.

Alo-Happy Travel Logo

The standing pose of the mascot Alo-Happy, the photo required for the official start of the photo rally.

Hawaiian Plaza shopping mall sign

On the corner of Aloha Street and Kaku Street, there is a dazzling mall sign.

dog and pineapple

Adorable puppies and colorful pineapples are displayed in the windows of a West Waikiki store.

“No surfing, no life” slogan

Located behind a surf shop called No Surf, No Life.

Syracuse USA Flag

On the side of the Snowtown USA store, there’s a neon sign in the shape of an ice cream cone.

Guava juice bar logo

Located next to Mocha Mahalo in East Waikiki, this is a guava-based juice bar signature.

Julie’s Gearworks Logo

Julie’s Gearworks is located in Waikiki, not far from Revolve Bar.

Oahu burger sign

at the popular Hawaiian burger joint.

Aloha beach entrance statue

Aloha Beach’s main entrance has a statue depicting a man holding a surfboard.

Surfboard display

Located next to the Kope Pot Surf Rental Shop, on an alley leading from Waikiki to Aloha Beach.

Crystal Aloha Resort Logo

Next to the traffic circle at the back entrance of Crystal Aloha Resort.

Anaconda Mall Photo Session

Large golden anaconda logo

Located on the first floor of the mall, near Dante’s Delights, it features gold lettering.

Miracle Dress (Armor)

arcade sign

Above the claw machine in Anaconda Arcade on the first floor.

Snake photo spot

Around the corner from Anaconda Arcade is a bright pink snake mascot.

snake in jar

Near the flamingo on the second floor, there is an electronic anaconda that moves in and out of a jar.

Shopping center north entrance

At the north entrance, there is a large golden sign.

Shopping center south entrance

Above the entrance to the parking lot, there is a sign with a white snake on the wall.

Shopping center west entrance

Behind glass on the first floor, surrounded by pink and blue paintings.

Snake hidden in flower pot

A corner of a flower pot outside a Fiddler shoe store.

There’s a snake hiding in the window

Part of the window display of Kentauros Designer Clothing on the second floor.

There is a snake hidden in the toilet

The floor of the men’s bathroom on the first floor is partially designed with ceramic tiles.

Chinatown, Downtown and Harbor District Photo Sessions

Octopus wall art

Spray paint on the wall outside Barracuda headquarters in District 5.

Furry Maracas (3-star weapon)

Buster’s Pizza logo

Along the street from Diamond Head Bar in the 5th arrondissement is the sign for Buster’s Pizzeria.

club guilty sign

There’s a glowing neon sign above the Crime Club at the end of the street in the Fifth Ward.

chair in ruins building

Past Club Guilty is located in a cordoned off ruined building, with a lone armchair wearing boxing gloves.

Cafe Soramame Mascot

Inside Soramame Cafe, bean-shaped stuffed mascots are displayed on a shelf.

sunset park fountain

There is a huge fountain in the center of the square in Sunset Park.

Aloha River Fountain

Aloha Oe Spa has a slightly smaller water feature in front.

Shark Teeth Souvenirs

Located at the entrance of Shark Teeth Souvenirs on Kolonahe Street.

Weapons Shop Panda

Pandas guard the interior of a weapons store in a back alley of Chinatown.

Nirvana hotel logo

At the charming Nirvana Hotel in Chinatown, there’s a sign pointing it out.

“Miss Ginseng”

Outside the herbal shop in a Chinatown alley, there’s a welcoming but slightly creepy mascot character.

Elevator Panda

A cute panda guards the hidden elevator leading to a Chinatown mahjong parlor.

Closed liquor store sign

Unfortunately, the sign on the downtown street for the Another Bottle liquor store is closed.

Smoothie shop counter

In the city center, near the herb shop where Miss Ginseng is located, the busy counter of the Dream Smoothie shop.

Colorful umbrella

Outside the clean and tidy household items, there is a cluster of umbrellas in pastel colors.

Cultural District and Harbor Park Photography Session

harbor park bridge

In Harbor Park, a pale stone bridge connects both sides of the creek.

Electric whip (4-star weapon)

harbor park statue

Guarding the entrance to Harbor Park, this is the second dolphin-themed statue.

horizon drug sign

Horizon Drugs located on the west side of Anaconda Mall.

floral display

A shop window on Twilight Boulevard displays colorful flowers.

Doll with devil sign

Outside the Dolls and Devils Club on Twilight Boulevard.

Hip Hop Shrimp

The Hip Hop Shrimp Food Truck is parked next to Harbor Park.

super ecstasy window

Hyper Ecstasy on Twilight Drive displays adult toys and clothing in the window.

large bird art mural

On an art wall in a back alley of the Cultural District, there is a huge bird with its wings spread.

Psychedelic coffee logo

An inside view of Psychedelic Coffee, one of Honolulu’s most hidden coffee shops.

modern bar logo

Bar Moderne on Harbor Street is another place to drink in Honolulu.

Ona original vocational school logo

A sign adorns one of the interior walls of Onahara Vocational School.

El Dorado Cabaret

The night street is closed, but you can still take pictures.

Barrage pineapple

In the barrage shooting armory in the cultural district, pineapple-shaped grenades are on display.

free tea logo

Near the intersection of Night Street and Downtown Street, there is a tea shop called LiberTea.

closed bar

On Twilight Boulevard, opposite a store marked “Beach,” here’s another closed bar sign.

How to play the game of Xilong Unlimited Wealth

In the game “Yakuza: Infinite Fortune”, players control Kasuga Ichiban and Kiryu Kazuma, as well as their team members, to explore the Isezaki Ijincho district of Yokohama and the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. The familiar Kamurocho area from the previous game is also listed as the third location. Similar to previous games in the series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s combat system is turn-based, allowing players to strategically choose actions for each character.

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Each character can choose from a variety of career-like “jobs,” giving them unique abilities and playstyles. Kiryu’s special class, “Dragon of Dojima,” allows him to switch between different fighting styles and temporarily engage in real-time combat, reminiscent of fighting games from earlier games.

The game features a variety of mini-games, including classics like karaoke, darts, and mahjong, as well as arcade games like Virtua Fighter 3tb, Sega Bass Fishing, and SpikeOut. New mini-games have also been introduced, such as Crazy Delivery (a food delivery game inspired by Sega Crazy Taxi), Sujimon Battle (a parody of Pokémon), and Miss Match (Haruhi’s dating app).

Kasuga has an important side event called Happy Resort Dondoko Island, which involves managing your own resort island, involving tasks such as resource gathering, crafting, and social interaction. Kiryu has his own side project “bucket list” focused on reuniting with old friends and allies from previous Yakuza games.

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Overview of Xilong’s infinite wealth


Like a Dragon: Unlimited Wealth


Longwo Five Virtues Studio




role play


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

release date

January 26, 2024


Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) and Honolulu City (Hawaii)


Turn-based combat system, diverse character professions, Poundmates summoning system


Karaoke, darts, mahjong, crazy delivery, somersault gate, missed games, happy resort DonDoko Island

“Like a Dragon” trailer

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