Billy Blanks Net Worth

Billy Blanks is an American bodybuilding expert, boxer, and fitness personality who has a net worth of $20 million. He is the creator of the Tae Bo exercise and has worked in famous movies such as ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and ‘Expect No Mercy’.

He has accumulated this net worth from creating the show Tae Bo. Let’s find out how this multi-talented artist entered the fitness industry and Hollywood and became a wealthy public figure.

Billy Blanks Net Worth (2024)

Net value: 20 million USD
Job: Fitness expert
Year old: 69 years old
Nation: America
Born: September 1, 1955
Salary (annual): 2 million USD
Latest updates 2024

Billy Blanks net worth growth

Net worth in 2024 20 million USD
Net worth in 2023 18 million USD
Net worth in 2022 16 million USD
Net worth in 2021 13 million USD
Net worth 2020 11 million USD

Early life

Blanks was born on September 1, 1955 in Pennsylvania. He started practicing martial arts at the age of 11 and took Karate and Taekwondo classes. He was born with a small defect that impaired hip mobility.

He also has undiagnosed dyslexia. This led his teachers to conclude that he would not be able to achieve much but Blanks persisted in his efforts and studied martial arts. He was inspired by Bruce Lee and decided to become a world champion.

outstanding career

Blanks’ first film role was in the film ‘Low Blow’, his Hollywood debut. He was hired as a bodyguard for famous actress Catherine Bach while she was filming the movie Driving Force in Manila.

Blanks was also offered a supporting role in films and began acting in many martial arts films such as ‘King of the Kickboxers’ and ‘Bloodfists’. Blanks appears in the opening scene of ‘The Last Boy Scout’.

He plays a doomed football player. Blanks played a kickbox instructor in the 1997 film ‘Kiss the Girls’ starring Ashley Judd. He started the Tae Bo program in the late 1980s while renting a karate studio in Quincy, Massachusetts.

He used his own ingredients in his martial arts practice. He studied taekwondo and bo (boxing) and created Tae Bo. He also opened a fitness center in Los Angeles to teach his Tae Bo program.

He attracted celebrities like Paula Abdul and soon the workout became a pop culture habit. He began releasing heavily marketed videos and sold more than 1.5 million VHS tapes. It earned between $80 million and $120 million in sales records.

Billy Blanks net worth and salary

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Since he was a missionary, he incorporated his religion into inspiring weight loss and getting in shape. He has specifically designed a line of exercises specifically for those who pray religiously called ‘People of Faith’.

He infused Christian principles and motivational prayers into the regime, which aired on the Christian Network, Spain. Blanks was awarded the Amateur Athletic Union Champion award and has received the award five times since 1975.

He is also a seven-time karate champion and has won 36 gold medals in various karate championships. He was inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame in 1982 and two years later became the Massachusetts Golden Gloves light-heavyweight champion.

Assets and assets

Blanks profited from selling VHS into real estate. He initially bought a house for $1.4 million. He wanted to sell the mansion for $11 million but ended up selling it for $7.3 million.


Name Billy Blanks
Year old 69
Height (1.74m)
Weight 90kg (approx.)
Job Fitness expert
Date of birth September 1, 1955
Place of birth USA
Nationality American
Net value: 20 million USD
Couple Sato Tomoko

“Discipline is remembering what you want most, not what you want now.”

– Billy Blanks

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Personal life

Blanks married Gayle H. Godfrey in 1974, whom he met in karate class. Gayle already had a daughter, Sheille Blanks Cimarosti, from her previous relationship and Blanks adopted her soon after. She has appeared in Blanks’ Tae Bo videos.

Sheille launched her own video line called Tae Bo’s Postpartum Strength and also hosts T3 – Total Transformation Coaching, her father’s infomercial. Blanks also has a son, Billy Blanks Jr., who is a fitness instructor.

Popular exercises by Billy Blanks Jr. includes Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix and Cardioke. Blanks Jr. also participated in musicals such as ‘Fame’ and worked as a dancer with famous artists such as Quincy Jones, Paula Abdul and Madonna.

Blanks divorced Godfrey after 33 years of marriage, citing their indifferent views. In 2008, Blanks had another daughter, Angelika, with Tomoko Sato, his Japanese interpreter. He married Sato in 2009 and moved to Japan.


As of 2024, Billy Blanks’ net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. He is a famous martial arts instructor and fitness enthusiast in America. His invention of Tae Bo became a popular cult movement in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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