Comedian AY and his wife Mabel Makun announced their separation after 20 years together

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY Makun, and his wife, Mabel Makun, have confirmed their separation after two decades of marriage due to personal reasons.

AY took to her Instagram page on Sunday to announce the development, expressing her decision not to publicly discuss deeply personal family issues. He emphasized the importance of protecting the mental health of his eldest daughter, who has access to social media.

In his statement, AY said, “Many people believe that remaining silent simply means one is incapable of solving the problem. Putting a negative narrative against someone who doesn’t fight to protect himself doesn’t mean he’s weak..”

He continued, “Correct! Without affecting my family, I found myself doing things that today I am not proud of. Watching a 20-year friendship/marriage slip away from you is one thing, but having all parties involved understand how to make amends is another..”

For her part, Mabel Makun shared a post on her Instagram page on the same day, showing her decision to stay away from disrespect without engaging in drama or arguments.

She writes, “Distance is my new response to disrespect. I don’t react, I don’t argue. I won’t go into detail about the play. I just removed myself.”

AY Makun and Mabel Makun married in November 2008 and are the parents of two children.

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