Egungun Of Lagos stunned fans with a heartfelt proposal to his girlfriend

Our beloved Instagram influencer and Nigerian content creator, Kuye Adegoke, affectionately known as the Egungun of Lagos, has traded his usual reviews for a heartwarming proposal to his lover, Pashotah.

Surrounded by friends and colleagues, Egungun took a nervous yet determined step, kneeling down to propose to his beloved. With a sparkling diamond ring, he poured out his love and commitment in a moment that will be cherished forever.

But in the midst of his sincere gesture, Egungun, perhaps because he was too emotional, momentarily forgot about the classic marriage proposal. Luckily, a quick-thinking friend set him on the right track and with a beaming smile, he placed the ring on his girlfriend’s finger, sealing their love with the promise of forever.

The internet was filled with joy as the engagement video went viral, with fans and followers showering the couple with congratulations and well wishes. While some couldn’t help but comment on Egungun’s surprising choice, others admired the sincere love and connection shared between the two.

Among the countless reactions, one fan praised Egungun’s calm and respectful attitude, and predicted the couple’s bright future. Another couldn’t resist poking fun at the contrast between the wedding guests’ natural beauty and the artificial aesthetic seen elsewhere.

Amid the laughter and celebration, one commenter playfully pointed out Egungun’s negligence in the proposal, while another emphasized the authenticity and natural beauty of the couple’s relationship their.

Check out the proposal below;

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