George Weah’s Wife, Clar Weah Biography: Photos, Age, Children, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Nationality

Clar Marie Duncan Weah, the esteemed wife of former Liberian President George Weah, does not engage in any traditional career pursuits.

She can devote her time to other meaningful endeavors or personal interests that are outside the scope of her regular job.


  • Full name: Clari Marie Duncan Weah
  • Stage name: clar weah
  • Date of birth: March 11, 1965
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Place of birth: Kingston, Jamaica
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Philanthropist
  • Height: unknown
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Duncan
  • Siblings: unknown
  • Spouse: George Weah
  • Children: Martha, George Jr., and Timothy
  • Relationship: Married
  • Net worth: 5 million USD

Early life and education

Clar Weah, a famous personality, was born on March 11, 1965 in the vibrant city of Kingston, Jamaica.

Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, lovingly raised her throughout her childhood and adulthood, although their identities remain unknown to the public.

Unfortunately, not much is known about her siblings either. Demonstrating determination to excel and thirst for knowledge from an early age, Clar pursued her education at the prestigious City University of New York.

She earned her nursing license and bachelor’s degree in health sciences there, solidifying her expertise in the field.


Before becoming First Lady, Clar gained experience in customer service working for famous banks such as Citibank and Chase Manhattan Bank.

She also demonstrated her business skills by successfully managing small businesses alongside her banking career. She eventually pursued a career in nursing and worked at Jamaica Hospital in New York City.

Clar founded the Clar Hope Foundation in 2018 during her term as First Lady, demonstrating her lifelong commitment to supporting others.

The main goal of this organization is to enhance the well-being of the people of Liberia, focusing on empowering and supporting women and children.

As First Lady of Liberia, Clar played a key role in supporting and standing by her husband, President George Weah.

With fierce dedication and determination, she has effectively represented Liberia on many global platforms, tirelessly campaigning for women’s rights, the welfare of children and promoting sustainable development.

Additionally, she leverages her influential position to draw attention to important social issues in Liberia, shedding light on pressing issues such as gender-based violence and poverty that need to be addressed. Pay attention and take immediate action.

Social Media

She has no verified social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Personal life

Clar Weah, 58, and George Weah first met in the early 1990s while working at Chase Manhattan Bank in bustling New York City.

It was there that their love story began to unfold, eventually leading them to exchange vows on June 26, 1993.

During two decades of marital bliss, this couple was blessed with three beautiful children: Martha, George Jr. and Timothy.

Their strong relationship is evident as they frequently attract public attention together, attending various events and making joint appearances to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to each other.

Net value

Clar Weah, a successful businesswoman, has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million through her outstanding career achievements and strategic investments in various business ventures.

Her entrepreneurial efforts have ensured her financial success, while astute investment decisions have further consolidated her wealth.

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