Get to know Taylor Hudson Net Worth, Height, Weight Loss

Internet darling Dávid Julián Dobrík found early success on the video sharing platform Vine before venturing his vlogs on YouTube in 2015. Fast forward to 2023, and the fame persists, to the point people even enjoy learning about his staff. We’re talking about Taylor Hudson. Netizens believe that she is his favorite assistant. Let’s find out if that’s true in the rest of the article as it also sheds light on Taylor’s weight loss journey, height, net worth, personal life, etc.

Is Taylor Hudson dating David Dobrik?

Taylor Hudson has most likely been working with David Dobrik since early 2023 when the boss surprised her with a white Mercedes. Of course, Taylor doesn’t get special treatment. David, one of the highest paid YouTubers in the world, used to do things like this for his employees.

However, all of this and just the addition of Taylor as a second assistant has proven to be a big deal for fans. And just like his original right-hand woman, Natalie Mariduena, fans are also starting to doubt whether David has a more professional relationship with Taylor. So what really happened?

Unlike Natalie, David has not denied the romance rumors with Taylor. However, according to some recent Reddit threads, the latter two are nothing more than colleagues. In the same discussion on Reddit, people were seen talking about the two having common connections in the industry and knowing David was looking for a second assistant and asking Taylor if she was interested. They claim that Taylor was hired as another assistant to do some “business” with them.

boyfriend Taylor Hudson

So, despite being a social media influencer herself and occasionally appearing on her famous boss’s social media, Taylor still keeps a relatively low profile. So, as of 2023, the intruders have no way of finding her boyfriend, in case she has one.

However, until Valentine’s Day, she made it seem like she celebrated the day with just her puppy. Months later, in a podcast interview released on August 12, 2023, she again wanted people to believe that she was still single. She talked about having used dating apps but also affirmed that she had never met anyone through those apps.

A long time ago, during a 2 a.m. Twitch broadcast with David, she was seen telling everyone that she was single and about her ideal type and date.

Taylor Hudson’s family

Taylor’s father, Jeffrey “Jeff” Hudson turned 65 in April 2023. On his Facebook, the patriarch marked Columbus, Georgia as his place of origin and Austin, Texas as his current hometown. His FB also tells us that he is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Century communityDeputy Director of Sales at PulteGroup, Inc., and Managing Director at Estates at US market. Additionally, he also studied at Auburn University in 1980. Last but not least, he also highlights here the fact that he got married in 2015. He may not have mentioned to his marriage to Cheryl Hudson, Taylor’s mother. Because as of 2023, Cheryl on her own FB mentioned being ‘single’. Here, she also gives a glimpse into her work at Elite Skating Coaches, is a Cheerleader/Ambassador Alumni at the Miami Dolphins and is currently a resident of Coral Gables, Florida.

In addition, Cheryl also turns 62 years old in November 2022.

These were the only people Taylor grew up with because she had no siblings.

What is Taylor Hudson’s net worth?

Taylor Hudson is said to have a net worth of nearly $300 thousand as of October 2023.

She seems to have acquired this wealth in many ways. First, she had 217k followers on her IG @taylortayh at the time. 193.4K more people follow her on TikTok @taylortayhh.

Clearly, Taylor has other aspirations besides working for David. The Point Loma Nazarene University graduate can be found collaborating with a number of brands such as every jewelry.

Taylor Hudson height

Beauty Taylor is about 5’4″ tall and allows people to purchase items from her wardrobe from the store on LTK.

Taylor Hudson Weight Loss

Another thing that Taylor Hudson fans always pay attention to is her weight loss journey. A Reddit chat, about four months from now, discusses that she has lost weight since she started working for David. People also rumored that they saw her eating everything on camera. Not to be missed, they also shared about seeing her working out at the gym.

taylor-hudson-height-weight-loss-net-worth-david-dobrik-2023Taylor Hudson before losing weight (Photo: Google)

This is how people believe Taylor looked before losing weight.

Related FAQs

  • How old is Taylor Hudson?

Taylor Hudson was born in 1997. So, she will turn 26 years old in 2023. Like every year, she celebrates her birthday on May 28, which makes her a Gemini.

  • Where does Taylor Hudson come from?

Taylor Hudson originally hails from Miami Beach, Florida. She later also lived in Austin, Texas and Orange County, California.

  • What is Taylor Hudson’s ethnicity?

It seems like Taylor Hudson comes from a mixed family. A conversation on Reddit revealed that her father is half-Japanese as his mother is Japanese.

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