Is Zoe LaVerne’s mother Debie Pemberton still alive? Her age, Job

Zoe LaVerne, who is very close to her mother Debbe Pemberton, is going through quite a difficult time. Her mother is said to be living her final days and is currently in a hospice. Is Debbe still alive? How old is she now? What’s wrong with her so? What is Debbe’s job?

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Is Debbe Pemberton, Zoe LaVerne’s mother, still alive?

As of October 2023, Debbe Pemberton, mother of social media influencer Zoe LaVerne, is in hospice care. Although it has been reported that doctors have told her that Debbe’s days are numbered, she appears to still be alive at the time of this writing.

There is no denying the close relationship that has always existed between Zoe and her mother. However, Debbie’s health rapidly deteriorated. The “American Dream” singer is now asking her followers to pray for her mother.

In three TikTok videos published in October 2023, Zoe reported that her mother Debbie had been seriously ill over the previous 12 months. She clarified that after her mother suffered a stroke in November 2022, things started to get worse. January 2023: After her mother was in the hospital over the holidays, doctors told Zoe that her mother’s cancer had returned.

“My family and I are definitely not at our best at the moment,” Zoe explains in a video.

“If you don’t know, whenever they mention hospice it’s never good news. Basically, a hospice will come in and make you feel comfortable when you die,” Zoe said. Zoe admitted that she had a hard time processing the news, which makes sense.

As Zoe began to think back about all the wonderful things her mother had taught her, she mentioned how much she loved singing and how she encouraged her to use social media to show off her skills. How, this eventually made Zoe a household name online. Zoe encouraged her followers to keep her mother in their thoughts and prayers. She emphasized the value of prayer, saying that after sharing a photo of her mother on Snapchat a few days earlier, some of her followers began praying. It seems this worked.

“Since I posted it on my Story, my mom has actually woken up and eaten it twice, which is really, really delicious,” Zoe said.

Zoe shocked fans when she revealed her parents were siblings “but not incest”. “So my parents, because like my dad and my mom Debbie, because they’re siblings, it sounds incestuous but it’s not,” she explained. Talking about this is really confusing.”

As it turns out, Zoe was adopted by her aunt when her mother passed away. Her biological mother is said to have died of alcohol abuse and since Debbe adopted her, she calls Debbe her mother.”

On Debbe’s birthday in January 2022, Zoe wished Debbe: “Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you so much I hope today treats you well! 💕.”

Debbe Pemberton’s husband

Debbe Pemberton is married to husband Doug Wright.

Doug reached the age of 56 in May 2023. He attended Franklin Community High School, as his Facebook reveals. He is the owner of Doug’s Franklin Auto Care Center.

Doug is available on Instagram and Facebook. He and Debbe are still happily married to each other. Although it is unclear when they got married, they have been married for decades.

Furthermore, on Father’s Day 2020, Zoe wished Doug: “Happy Father’s Day, I love you so much! ❤️❤️.”

In addition to Zoe, Doug and Debbe also have two children named Cameron Wright and Eric Grimmitt. Eric turns 52 in June 2023 and is currently married. You can find him on FB. Cameron turns 29 in 2023.

Cameron lives in Greenwood, Indiana. He works at Mayes Trailer Sales.

Additionally, she also has a stepsister named Courtney Wright. Courtney works as a Drive Thru cashier at Love’s Travel Stops. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is 34 years old in 2023.

Is Debbe Pemberton on Instagram?

Debbe Pemberton has profiles on several social media outlets. You can find her on Facebook & (@debbe.pemberton.39), TikTok and Instagram.

Debbe Pemberton’s age

FamousBirthdays reported that Debbe Pemberton was born on January 22, 1952. She is currently 71 years old.

Debbe Pemberton Jobs

Unfortunately, Debbe Pemberton is not on LinkedIn. She occasionally plays for The Jay Pemberton Experience, a rock band. The website has a photo where we can see her playing Tambourine.

On her Facebook, Debbe shared that she reached out to Harry E. Wood.

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  • Where does Debbe Pemberton come from?

Debbe Pemberton calls Indianapolis, Indiana her hometown. She lives in Greenwood, Indiana.

  • When is Debbe Pemberton’s birthday?

Debbe Pemberton celebrates her birthday on January 22.

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