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Joshua Abiola James (born February 8, 1983), better known by his stage name JayTime, is one of Africa’s finest creative minds.

The young Nigerian is a singer, songwriter, producer and studio engineer.

He also expanded his business into the fashion industry as a fashion designer.

He is the singer of hit singles “Kiss N Tell” and “Come To Me”. In the remix of “Kiss N Tell”, he invited African music star Buju to participate.

Nigerian singer

Jay Time
JayTime: History, Resume, Photos
Wiki facts and figures
full name: Joshua Abiola James
stage name: Jay Time
date of birth: February 8, 1983 (41 years old)
place of birth: Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria
country of origin: Lagos State
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Girlfriend • Wife: Married
Profession: Singer and record producer
net worth: $200,000

early life

On February 8, 1983, a shining star, JayTime, came into the world as a bouncing baby boy in Nigeria.

Star JayTime was born to Mr. and Mrs. James, who lived in the coastal town of Badagry.

His parents chose to name him after the biblical leader and general Joshua.

Little did they know that their son would become a leading figure in the field of music.

Growing up in Badagry, he experienced first-hand the town’s fishing, trading and tourism activities.

While growing up, JayTime spoke Yoruba and English with his parents. Yoruba is his mother tongue as both his parents are from the ethnic group. He is also a native of Lagos State.

Joshua’s love for music began when he was a teenager. He started out as a drummer in the church choir. He quickly mastered the art of playing the drums, and because of his skill, he was recruited into a music band.

Joining a music band gave him the opportunity to learn more about music at different events in Lagos.


JayTime’s educational journey began with a kindergarten near his home, and then his parents sent him to elementary school.

After six years of study, he obtained a junior high school diploma and graduated from elementary school.

He obtained his West African School Certificate from a well-known secondary school in Badagry. He graduated from high school with honors.


Encouraged by his success as a drummer, JayTime decided to try his hand at music. So, he began writing songs and rap lyrics. While many aspiring artists of his generation were unable to combine rapping and singing, Joshua was able to do both very well. By then, he was already known by the stage name JayTime, which was his original nickname.

Driven by his love for music, JayTime began spending more time in the studio writing and recording songs. It was during this time that he learned studio engineering and soon became a studio technician.

JayTime has been instrumental in the rise of African music over the past few years. Considered one of the fastest rising artists in the industry, JayTime came to the national spotlight after the release of his single “Come To Me” in October 2020.

“Come To Me” has caused a sensation in the Nigerian music market and has been played on many radio stations across the country, winning JayTime many fans. In addition, the song, written and produced by JayTime, has been played thousands of times on major music streaming platforms.

Due to the success of the single, JayTime received invitations to several shows and concerts in the country where he showcased his creativity and ingenuity as an artist. When asked about the inspiration behind the hit song, he said, “This song showcases the ingenuity of Africans.”

The song’s music video, directed by Stanz Visuals, has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.

After keeping his fans in suspense for weeks, he released the single “Kiss N Tell” in August 2021. As he had hoped, the song quickly went viral and became one of the go-to songs for music lovers in the country. Being an artist who loves collaborations, JayTime decided to capitalize on his success and release a remix of the song.

He collaborated with Buju on a remix which was released in September 2021. The remix became an instant hit among fans and has received thousands of streams till date.


  • Kiss and Tell
  • come to me
  • Kiss and Tell Remix

social media

JayTime is very active online and interacts with his fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

He has 986k followers on Instagram.

  • Instagram account – @jaytimeofficial
  • Twitter account – @JayTimeofficial
  • Facebook account – JayTimeofficial.

personal life

Although JayTime is already a big star, he still likes to keep a low profile and focus more on his music career so that more people can hear his unique voice.

When he is not creating music, he also runs his own fashion business. As a creative fashion designer, he works with many brands in the country to meet their clothing needs.

JayTime is also the founder and CEO of JNK Entertainment & Clothing.

JayTime is a handsome young man with a height of 5 feet, that is why he always attracts a lot of attention from female fans. He has very long but well maintained dreadlocks.

The famous music star is a Christian who regularly attends a Bible-believing church. He is happily married and has children.

He lives in a well-furnished apartment building in Lagos and owns a nice car.

net worth

Music star JayTime has become a leader among Nigeria’s fast-rising African music artists. His net worth is still severely underestimated.

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