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Fan-favorite Indiana Massara is a pop singer who released the hit single “Drama” in July 2017. That same year, she also rose to fame when she joined the cast of the popular web series chicken girl like Rooney.

In recent times, her collaboration with a particular social media artist named Mike “Mikey” Tua has left fans wondering if there is more going on between them. The pair were seen lip-syncing to Post Malone’s “Rockstar” while looking flirtatious and with their arms around each other. However, in the rest of the article we will talk about a completely different topic, about Indiana’s parents. So please wait a moment!

Who are Indiana Massara’s parents?

On August 23, 2002, Indiana, full name Indiana Marie Ella Massara, was born to a pair of wonderful parents. In 2023, as young Indiana turns 21, it’s time we tell you about the people who gave birth to her and gave her such a wonderful life.

Meet Julie Massara, Indiana Massara Mom

Occasionally, Indiana Massara discusses her beautiful mother Julie Massara on social networks. For example, one time, she posted a ‘flashback’ photo of them together and next to it teasingly wrote, “A throwback moment to when my mom wasn’t mad at me for my messy room… let’s hope she still loves me😂🙈 UPDATE: votes for forgiveness Indi 12 v Julie 1👏🏻👏🏻 #tbt.”

So Indiana’s mother is the daughter of John Forrest High School alumna Cheryl Smith and WA Agricultural College alumnus Darryl Smith. However, it is unclear if these people from Mandurah, Western Australia are still together as John recently updated his status on FB to “Married September 6, 2022”.

She was born as ‘Julie Marie Massara’ on October 18, 1970. So, she will turn 52 years old in 2022.

Indiana’s parents were both involved in the mining business. Based on businessnews.comAfter many years of detailed research into the mining services industry, Julie and her husband Ian made the business decision to sell their house to fund construction of the mine. Australian Mining Services. It also explains that Julie, through providing outstanding technical innovation, prompt friendly customer care and meticulous office control, has been able to gain trust and business cooperation with a number of large multinational customers. Last known, the business hoped to reach $20 million in revenue in 2007.

  • Is Julie Massara on Instagram?

Julie Massara is on Instagram @juliemassara with 297 posts and 12.3k followers as of October 2023. Additionally, one can also follow her on Facebook and TikTok @juliesmithmassara.

Meet Ian Massara, Indiana Massara Fr

Indiana Massara’s father always supported her in everything she did. That includes her career choice. Every time Indiana releases a new single/album, it is Ian who is the first to praise it among his people. He also talked about it on social media. In January 2018, when his single “Smoke In Your Eyes” came out, he took to his Facebook to confess how proud he was of how hard his daughter worked to make things happen. this becomes reality. He did the same thing when “Say It Back” came out in October 2019.

Indiana is also often seen with her dad on her own social media posts, even more so on occasions like Father’s Day. She likes to call him her “OG.”

You may also be interested to know that Ian has a set of siblings named Terry Massara, Brian Massara, Kevin Lisa Massara Boomer and Margaret Hansen.

Ian Massara is believed to have been born before 1968. Additionally, he celebrates his birthday on January 23. So, Ian will probably turn at least 55 years old in 2023.

Ian Massara is a global mining consultant. Since January 2011, he has been self-employed and providing consulting services in the mining industry to major clients from Australia, China, USA, Chile, Denmark and Indonesia.

When Ian has some time to himself after all that, he enjoys horseback riding. What’s even better is that he does it with the aim of raising funds to support projects like cancer research. For example, in November 2022, it was his third year riding to beat cancer. Additionally, at the time, he promised that he would take a stand against cancer and support bright minds at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in 2023.

  • Is Ian Massara on Instagram?

Indeed, Ian Massara can be found on Instagram. As of October 2023, his IG account @ianmassara has 27 posts and 6,281 followers, and on it he describes himself as “the father of Indiana and Presley Massara.” Besides that, Ian also occasionally introduces glimpses into his life on Facebook and TikTok @ianmassara.

Related FAQs

  • Where do Indiana Massara’s parents reside?

As of October 2023, both Indiana’s parents appear to be residing in Perth, Western Australia.

  • How many children do Indiana Massara parents have?

Indiana is not her parents’ only child. There are two more. One was Indiana’s brother, Presley Massara. As of 2023, he is based in Perth, Western Australia and works as manager for Miss Cara, drag queen and “Royal Pop Winner 2022”. Additionally, as an actor, Presley also appeared on Pineville robbery (2016), Whist! Happen (2014), and The book of truth (2015).

Additionally, Presley is older than Indiana because he was born on August 30, 2000. He has been a performer since he was a child. He was just three years old when he won his first talent contest with a cover of “True Colors.” A year later, he began appearing in commercials.

  • Are Indiana Massara’s Parents Still Married?

Indiana Massara’s parents’ current relationship status is unclear. There’s no way for us to know if these two will still be married and together as of October 2023.

This image here is of them from May 2017.

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