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How long will P’s lies last?

Lies of P is a video game that takes players on an exciting journey full of challenges and adventures. If you focus on completing the main objective of the game, it usually takes about 25 hours to complete. However, if you’re the kind of player who loves to explore every nook and cranny of the game world and complete all the hidden secrets and side missions, you might find yourself putting in around 52 and a half hours to achieve 100% completion status. So whether you’re here for the main story or want to experience everything the game has to offer, “P’s Lies” has something for everyone, catering to casual and professional players alike.

Lies of P offers a diverse gaming experience and playtime will vary depending on your play style. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure that lasts approximately 25 hours, or are willing to accept the challenge of spending more than 52 hours mastering every aspect of the game, “P’s Lies” provides an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for players of all kinds.

P How’s Lies Main Story Length

The game Lies of P offers different gameplay experiences that determine how long it takes to complete the game. For players who only focus on the main story, “P’s Lie” usually takes about 25 hours. If players want to delve deeper into the game by exploring side quests and additional content, the average time to complete the main story and these additional elements is approximately 35 hours. The game usually takes approximately 32.5 hours to complete using any play style. You can check the times based on what time you’re playing below.

single player






main story


24 hours 57 meters

6 meters in 25 hours

18 hours and 34 minutes

1 meter in 30 hours

Main + additional content


35 hours and 31 minutes

34 hours 19 meters

27 hours 35 meters

48 hours 27 meters



52 hours and 41 minutes

52 hours 30 meters

2 meters in 45 hours

58 hours 47 meters

All game styles


33 hours 12 meters

31 hours and 22 minutes

12 meters in 22 hours

48 hours 38 meters

Check out the table below to see how long it will take to complete the game on different gaming systems. The time it takes to complete the game may vary depending on whether you’re playing on a computer, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S.







personal computer

46 meters in 24 hours

34 hours and 14 minutes

53 hours 1 meter

12 hours 7 meters

65 hours

Playstation 5

25 hours 45 meters

35 hours 25 meters

52 hours 30 meters

23 hours

52 hours 30 meters

Xbox One

12 meters in 24 hours

36 hours and 22 minutes

12 meters in 24 hours

36 hours 22 meters

Xbox Series X/S

46 meters in 25 hours

40 hours 49 meters

52 hours 26 meters

23 hours 30 meters

62 hours


P’s lie

Lies of P is an exciting video game produced by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio. It’s a game where you play a character and go on an adventure. You can play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game was released on September 19, 2023, with a more advanced version called the Deluxe Edition released on September 15, 2023. It is based on the famous old Italian story “The Adventures of Pinocchio” which makes it even more interesting.

People who have played P’s Lie have reviewed it favorably, so it seems like a fun game to play if you like action and RPGs. It’s a bit like going on an adventure in a video game world where you can explore and have all kinds of exciting experiences. So, if you like games like this, “P’s Lie” might be the game for you.

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P’s Lie gameplay

In Lies of P, you play as Pinocchio and watch the game from behind him, just like watching a movie. You’ll wander around the city of Kratt, where you’ll encounter strange mechanical enemies. To fight them, Pinocchio uses different weapons such as swords and axes, and can also move quickly to avoid getting hurt. He has a special robotic arm that can be swapped out with tools like a hook or flamethrower to help in combat.

There are many different types of weapons and crafting methods in the game, giving you a variety of options. The choices you make in the game can change the story and lead to different endings. Some say this game is just like other hardcore games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, which means it can be a bit challenging but also exciting and fun if you like these types of games.

P’s Lie trailer

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