Who are Richard Madeley Parents? Meet Christopher Holt Madeley and Mary C. MacEwan

Who are Richard Madeley’s parents?

So who are Richard Madeley’s parents? According to our research, Richard Madeley’s parents were Christopher Holt Madeley and Mary C. McEwan. Richard Madeley (born 13 May 1956) is a British television presenter and author.

real name

Richard Holt Madeley

Nick name


date of birth

May 13, 1956


67 years old


6 feet 1 inch (187 cm)


73 kg (160 lbs)

place of birth

Romford, UK




British television presenter and author



Country of Citizenship


eye color


hair color



Christopher Holt Madeley and Mary C. McEwan

zodiac signs



Judy Finnegan (m. 1986)


Linda Hooley (1977–married 1983)


Chloe Madeley, Jack Madeley

Who is Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley is a well-known British television presenter and journalist, known for his extensive broadcasting career and captivating screen persona. Born on 13 May 1956 in Romford, Essex, Madeley has become a household name in the UK and has left an indelible mark on the media world.

Madeley first gained recognition as the dynamic second anchor on the popular daytime talk show This Morning, which aired from 1988 to 2001, alongside his wife Judy Finnigan. Be recognized as a member of a group. Their chemistry and relatable style were loved by viewers, making the show a hit.morning tv staples

Madeley has hosted and participated in various television shows, demonstrating his versatility as a host. His work spans a variety of genres, from news and current affairs to entertainment and reality television. His notable appearances include hosting “Richard and Judy Book Club” and “Richard Madeley Meets…,” where he interviews well-known personalities.

Madeley’s career has been marked by his incisive interviewing style, often delving into probing questions with a gentle and personable demeanor. His ability to connect with guests and audiences is a hallmark of his success. Richard Madeley has written several books further demonstrating his passion for literature and writing.



Richard Madeley Biography

Born Richard Madeley on 13 May 1956 in Romford, Essex, Richard Madeley began his journey into the world of broadcasting where he soon became A household name in the world. But it’s not just his career that’s fascinating; This is how he deals with problems. Most notably, Madeley co-hosted the hugely popular daytime talk show “This Morning” with his wife, Judy Finnigan, from 1988 to 2001.

They are a dynamic duo who capture the hearts of their audiences with their authenticity and relatability. Their show isn’t just about celebrity interviews and cooking segments; It’s about sparking honest conversations and exploring the quirks of human existence. What really intrigued Madeley, however, was his ability to connect with people.

His interviews were more than just interviews; They are journeys into the minds and lives of guests. He asked questions that others might shy away from while maintaining an inviting and approachable attitude. But curiosity didn’t stop at the TV studio. Richard Madeley ventured into the world of literature, creating books that reflected his curiosity and love of storytelling.

Richard Madeley remains a fascinating figure in the British media, continuing to fascinate, entertain and, above all, pique our curiosity. His broadcast journey is a testament to the power of asking questions and the joy of lifelong learning.

Richard Madeley age

Born on May 13, 1956 in the vibrant British town of Romford, Richard Madeley embodies the beauty of aging with elegance and vitality. At 67, he remains a beacon of passion, resilience and intelligence. Born in the post-war era, Richard witnessed and actively contributed to the changing media landscape.

His age carries with it a rich treasure trove of experiences and memories, making him a living testament to the evolution of British television. But for Richard, age is more than a number; This is a chapter of life that is embraced with open arms. At 67, he embodies that optimism year after year. His journey reminds us that age is not a limitation but an opportunity to grow, reflect and pursue new adventures.


Richard Madeley height and weight

Famous British TV presenter Richard Madeley has an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, which is equivalent to 187 centimeters. This above-average stature is noticeable when he appears on screen, adding to his majesty and charisma.

Madeley maintains a relatively thin build, reportedly weighing around 73 kilograms (160 pounds). This weight complements his tall frame and contributes to a well-proportioned and healthy appearance. These physical characteristics played a role in shaping Madeley’s screen persona, allowing him to interact effectively with his audience.

His height gives him an air of authority and confidence, while the weight he maintains highlights his dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Overall, Richard Madeley’s height and weight not only enhance his television persona but also reflect his commitment to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle throughout his career.

Richard Madeley Nationality

Famous television personality Richard Madeley is proudly from the United Kingdom and hence his nationality is British. He was born in Romford, Essex, on May 13, 1956, and has a typical British background. Richard Madeley grew up in England and is deeply ingrained in British culture and society. His accent, mannerisms and cultural references all reflect his British identity.

His career in British television, including iconic programs such as This Morning, has cemented his status as a towering figure in British media. Madeley’s British nationality also allows him to connect with a national audience. His ability to connect and resonate with the British public is a key factor in his enduring popularity as a television presenter.


Richard Madeley’s acting career

Richard Madeley had a storied career as a British television presenter, journalist and author who left an indelible mark on the British media landscape. His journey in the broadcasting world spanned several decades and was characterized by his versatility and engaging screen presence.

Madeley’s career breakthrough came in 1988 when he co-hosted the iconic daytime talk show “This Morning” with his wife, Judy Finnigan. For over a decade, this dynamic duo has captured the hearts of audiences with their warm and relatable style. Their chemistry and genuine interactions with their guests have made the show a staple on morning television.

As well as This Morning, Richard Madeley has expanded his horizons and contributed to various television programmes. He delves into news and current affairs, hosts book-related shows like “Richard and Judy Book Club,” and conducts in-depth interviews with well-known figures on “Richard Madeley Meets…” His interviewing skills are characterized by a gentle yet probing approach that makes him a skilled journalist.

Richard Madeley Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Richard Madeley’s notable awards and achievements:

royal television society

  • Year: 1994
    • Nominated: RTS Television Awards
    • Category: Best Host – Male
    • Program: This Morning (1988)

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